Thursday, February 5, 2009

SPANKED>fantasy to Reality. I am still a little shocked

Your only response was "You started this" as you ignored my pleas, had me drop my pants and position myself over your knees. My Cage slid between your nylon clad legs As I lowered my body onto you. The lack of feeling but knowledge that the only thing between my penis and your legs was a piece of plastic, blood rushing to the caged my member trying to make it grow hard. frustrated and slightly humiliated I lay there waiting, squirming Begging. "Who's the Boss" You said over my whining, I did not reply just kept pleading for release. Disbelief and terror where my feelings when the surprise of the belt hit my bottom at full force. "Do I need to ask again?" was all I heard as the belt came down again.Through the stinging and burning I moaned "You are ,you are please stop!!!"
It was like I could feel your smile run through your body as tears rolled down my cheek onto the floor. My hands tried to shield the next smack , but the "play handcuffs" were doing there job. Your rubbed my red bottom lovingly and at the same time pushed a pair of panties into my mouth to muffle the noise. "Listen to me" you said as the fourth blow hit me full force.
Do you want to get this over with or shall i take my time? I tried to speak but the panties muffled my voice. Exactly you said" Your opinion does not really matter , when will you learn that this is not on your terms. Whack!! more pain and muffled yells. The Bog says it all " Be careful what you wish for. Whack again!!! It was starting to sink in, She was doing exactly what i fantasized about but at this point realized fantasy and reality are two very different things. Five full power blows hit me and as i write this i still cant sit with full weight. Humiliated and in pain you helped me up, the panties still in my mouth you led me to a corner of the room , rubbing my red bottom you kissed my neck Stand here eye's straight ahead and think hard about what just happened. I stood bottom burning thinking listening to you as you leisurely sipped your wine flipping through catalogues and chatting on the phone. Finally you called me to come over to where you were seated. Head lowered from embarrassment I obeyed. You said 'So tell me what just happened ?" I hesitated and started to speak "You wanted to teach me a lesson I said almost as a question. Are you asking me that? No I said Why? was your response. You taught me a lesson because I was playing by my rules I said a little louder. Correct you said. So I think we both agree that Punishment of my choosing is much more effective than putting the little cage on and wearing it for a while till you get your thrill. Now let me get some pictures of that cute red bottom then get on the computer and update our Blog .I want you to tell the story exactly as it happened!


Miss Honey said...

This lesson was lovely to share.

sheep in wolves clothing said...

Miss Honey,I enjoyed sharing this experience. I am currently under lock down, hoping for release soon. Apparently I didn't learn my lesson.

andrew said...

i think that this will become a "must read" Blog. Thank you for sharing with us

sheep in wolves clothing said...

Thank You Andrew
Glad you enjoy our Blog. My Lover was very pleased by your comment and had me write this thank you right away. Also promises more photos and letters as events unfold