Tuesday, May 24, 2011

To do List!

LO7 will be out of town for a week
so from May 28th until June 4th she has instructed me to post a picture a day(sample below) of myself on the blog for her to check up on me. I asked her how would you like me to pose for these pictures and LO7 replied, Let's leave it up to our followers, You will be submissive to their desires for the week! Be gentle!


Anonymous said...

I think we'd like to see how you wear a butt-plug... :) Z

Happy pet said...

wearing heeled shoes in a park would be cool.


Snuffy said...

i hope LO7 is kind to you but you can still satisfy her desires. i understand how that is a fine line.


Anonymous said...

you should shave your legs and paint your toenails

Anonymous said...

hot - and fun! i enjoyed this. readers who may be interested in the world’s biggest and best community for bdsm and femdom phone sex are also welcome here.

Anonymous said...

"Power it resides here" the woman who fully understands this has anyman under her feet