Monday, November 9, 2009

2 steps forward 4 steps back

I think any one in any relationship has these ups and downs, When it is a "different from the norm" it just magnifies. For L07 and I both being stubborn it makes it even worse. The more we disagree the more L07 moves out of the FLR mode which in turn drives my sub side right out the window. I know this should never happen if we are truly living an FLR lifestyle is what you are thinking now! We are man and Woman exploring a lifestyle that has been in my fantasies for a long time and is very new to LO7. Reading Blogs like "Being her Knight" I have learned something about myself, LO7 Likes my submissive side, what triggers my submissive side is her taking control, not getting mad just being dominant. The mad side of her only makes me defensive. So I guess to continue down this path I must learn to keep my sub side to the front and LO7 , well she just needs to put her foot down instead of putting up with my "stubborn side"


Anonymous said...

My friend you are me twenty years ago. I wish you the best but i fear the worst. If you have a woman who enjoys your being submissive for goodness sake be SUBMISSIVE. Your Queen, Goddess, Ruler whatever you call her brought her personality to the relationship. Now you want her to change her personality to suit your desires. That is a little Fucked. After 4 wives and a lot of others I am now totally submissive to my wife. She did not change' I did. She gives me my desires when SHE wants to. She punishes me IF she wants to.
If you have a mate that accepts you being her sub THEN DO IT ON HER TERMS>

little shaun said...

My wife and I go through this exact same problem, but I think on a smaller scale. We argue rarely, but on the occasions when we do argue, it seems to ruin all progress.

Fortunately, I am naturally submissive and she is naturally dominant. This is not the case with all couples adapting to the FLR lifestyle, so I feel I am at an advantage. She naturally assumes control of every situation in our lives. It is up to me to keep those macho feelings in check, regardless of the fact that they are biologically hardwired in all men.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you are any different from any other couple in a developing WLR. There will be times when you may disagree or even argue with your wife over something or other. I don't necessarily think that this is a bad thing, as long as you let her know that in the end, you will submit to her, and that she is still in control.

You raise, however, a very interesting distiction between your wife being "mad" and dominant, and your wife being in control and dominant. I too have experienced this very different type of domination, and much prefer the second. This comes back to wanting and needing our wives to enjoy there control, and not just because they are annoyed with you.

Her Majesty's Plaything said...

Hi Kb7:

I can identify with this post. Sometimes it is not possible to stay in dominant/submissive roles especially when problems arise that need to be discussed. I disagree with those who insist you must maintain D/s roles 24/7. Her Majesty and I often have to function as equals and the foundation of our relationship is as life partners and best friends first. Our D/s relationship is something that is built on top of that foundation. Hope this helps.