Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rewards & Domestic duties

After 4 weeks of unspoken Chastity Lo7 allowed me to cum! The way she did it was very controlling, although at the time neither of us realized that her natural dominance was taking over. Lo7 has been house bound after surgery for about a month now so we decided to take her and 3 of the 5 kids away for a night in a hotel and some early Christmas shopping. In bed with the 3 little ones in the same room Lo7 's magic fingers got a hold of my hard cock and she went to work on me, If I moaned, even very softly she stopped and gave my stomach a tap to warn me not to make a sound, if I was close I touched her hand to let her know then she would stop the pleasure and squeeze my balls until it was safe to start again. This went on for a very long time and not a word was said. When Lo7 was ready she finished me off to a silent but pleasurable orgasm. Last night as I washed the kitchen floor while Lo7 talked to a friend on the phone, My mind replayed the natural control that seamed to come so easly to Lo7, then I realized that I was enjoying the fact that she had instructed me to wash the floor and was fully in my sub space as my princess sat comfortably chatting with a friend. I guess the purpose of this post is to let you know that it seems that FLR is happening naturally and it feels right.


little shaun said...

It is always an intense experience when the dominant woman you know and love is living to her full potential. I remember the first time my wife truly dommed me, I was afraid to even look in her eyes.

Christian said...

not all men lile dominant women of course. sometimes it is interesting to be like "a slave" but not all the time. i do not understand those men who make a woman to be a complete leader in everything.


Susan's Pet said...

We are all different in our expectations of a female led relationship. However, there is something in common for us who want our women to be dominant. Sexual is the most prominent, but there are other aspects. It is great when she can transcend our need for sexual domination to a wider pshychological plane.

I don't want to be slave, except in some short and narrow scenarios. I am a natural leader. At the same time I have no problem doing what my wife wants simply because she wants it. I want to follow her lead.

kept by 7 said...

Susan's Pet
I agree, I was raised to be my own person and am a happy Male protector and business man. I get a huge thrill when my Wife takes that control away and makes sure I am fully aware of the fact, through denial, or some sort of humiliation or domestic servitude (we are still exploring)just what my place is in the FLR relationship

Her Majesty's Plaything said...

Hi Kp7:

That was beautiful to read. I really felt the natural development of the FLR happening in the context of your relationship. It fascinates me to read about D/s occurring in the context a vanilla, family oriented setting. So different than the titillating images of leather, whips and chains most people think of when they think of BDSM. Yet somehow the two worlds are very much related. They are cousins.

I feel similar things happening in my own relationship. Increasingly Her Majesty is becoming comfortable in her role as my Dominant Domestic Goddess. It is happening very naturally much as it is for you. Wives sometimes balk at being asked to whip their husbands or fulfill other kinky fantasies associated with the dominatrix. When it comes to controlling hubbie's orgasms and having him at her beck and call they seem quite a bit more open to the idea! ;-)

I think orgasm control is a very important component to an FLR. I haven't taken matters into my own hands (so to speak) since Her Majesty and I agreed upon our twice a week arrangement and I am very glad. It was a very important step in our development as a FemDom couple. 4 weeks is a long time though. It must have felt exquisite when you were finally allowed to release!