Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Norm and the Fantasy

Lo7 loves to watch our follower number go up! The only way this happens is to post, so here we go. FLR is definitely becoming more prominent in our lives, the norm now is for me to paint Lo7's nails, morning tea is also served to Lo7 in bed, it is just the way it is. Lo7 told me to post a fantasy, We are going away this weekend for 2 days no kids just us, so i figured a weekend fantasy would be in order.
In my fantasy as soon as we leave Lo7 takes full control, this get away is about truly being slave to her. In my fantasy the more control Lo7 takes the hotter and wetter she gets! In my fantasy Lo7 has many orgasms however she wants them, I have as many as she wants! In my fantasy if Lo7 says walk a 1/2 pace behind me I do, carrying her bags as she shops. Or she may just say wait in the car and this is what i must do. In my fantasy Lo7 has no reservations punishing her slave for any actions that do not meet her expectations.The punishment may not happen right away but Lo7 would definitely take pleasure in keeping me aware that when we get back to the room I may be standing in the corner naked with a red butt reflecting on my actions. What I eat , drink, or even the cloths I wear are not my choice and lo7 is always sure to remind me of this. In my fantasy Lo7 has me marked in a discreet way , (maybe 1 painted finger nail) in public she takes pleasure in pushing the limit of exposing my slave marking(s).I as slave have no money or credit cards and even sleeping on the bed is a privilege not a right. In my fantasy even with this extreme role play any one seeing us together would be jealous of the love and affection being displayed by a mid 40s couple. In my fantasy I grow as a submissive to Lo7 and Lo7 grows as the Leader in this lifestyle.


Anonymous said...

You say you would do anything. Having read earlier posts I feel you only want to be submissive when it is right for you! I think Lo7 should tear you down and start from scratch, even if that means putting a collar and lease on you and treating you like a pet, forced to earn the right to be human.

Ladyof7 a veiw from the top said...

Thank you for your honest feedback...I do not agree fully with your opinion. This past year has been a year of learning, growing and developing our lifestyle. Both Kb7 and Iknow our strengths and our weaknesses, you are truly only hearing Kb7s side to this FLR. I too am guilty of "playing my role" when it is suitable for me, and of course our very busy lives with 5 kids.
Having said that, have you read back to the very beginning of our blog, if so, I hope you would agree we have come a very long way and we both know we have far to go.
On another note, do you have a blog perhaps we can learn from, it seems you have quite a bit of experience either as a domme or sub that we could possibly learn from?!

Susan's Pet said...

I have this fantasy every time my wife decides to take me on a short vacation. It is fun to anticipate, and even more fun when some of it becomes real.

I have some wild fantasies that will never be satisfied as dreamed. But the parts that are real are almost as good, and are certainly appreciated.

little shaun said...

My vacation fantasy is similar to this one, however, in my fantasy, she has a boyfriend who is on vacation with us. They have all of the vacation sex and I get none. I am to wait on the both of them.