Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Closing in on 1 Year

January marks 1 year of our Blog, I cannot believe the ride so far. As of today Lo7 and I seem to have taken another step hand in hand into the lifestyle of FLR. Our Christmas was the most loving and peaceful yet,the children, LO7 and I enjoyed a wonderful holiday. Lo7 has embraced her new role as Domme of our sexual life and is eager to experiment more in Controlling our everyday lives. This in turn has pushed me deeper into my sub role and has made pleasing and serving her more of gift of my love to her. My new years resolutions for 2010 are
1) Focus on exercise, this will be for
my health and for the pleasure of my Goddess to have a nice trophy to admire.
2) Stay the Man my Goddess fell in love with, this will keep the love growing between us.
3) At Lo7's Pace and desire continue to refine my submission and encourage her Control over our relationship. This will ensure we have a comfortable future together with Lo7 managing both our Lives financially.
4) Explore along with LO7 the joy of being her slave and gladly take on more domestic chores while she learns to enjoy the fact that she need not feel guilt and anxiety over to much to do but can strengthen our love by sitting back knowing that her slave will gladly do these tasks to prove his love.
5) Lo7 an kb7 will grow into one with Lo7 knowing that kb7 will be her tower of strength and sounding board making the relationship a model FLR one with LO7 at the controls and kb7 supporting her all the way.
Happy New Year to all


little shaun said...

Good work! I'm thinking of putting up a New Year's resolution of my own.

Anonymous said...

I am soo happy for both of you.



Another One said...

It is so great that she is a very strong willing participant and that you are clearly in a strong, loving relationship.

And kudos to you on your resolutions. Those should only help you and your loving wife.

Ladyof7 a veiw from the top said...

Thank you for the positive feedback. We enjoy the challenge and love the rewards.