Sunday, January 3, 2010

Domme House

HNY to all of our faithful followers...cheers to another great year of growing!

Kb7 had business which took us for another overnight stay out of town, much needed after an exhausting holiday, lots of family, skiing, cooking and cleaning. We made arrangements for the kids and left at 7am...

On the trip down we chatted reflecting back on the holiday season and the lack of intimacy, but not a lack of desire we missed with one and other. I shared with Kb7 a new rule which was to be implemented effective immediatley ...when Kb7 displeases me, I am going to have him sleep on my side of the bed on the floor on a nice padded little bed like a dog would sleep on next to his beloved owner. Dogs are the most faithful of companions whos main objective is to please their master. When a dog is disciplined he accepts his punishement, moves forward, doesn't hold a grudge and continues being loyal to his master. Dogs greet their masters with unconditional love and devotion, greeting their master with a wagging tale get the picture. Having shared this with Kb7, I could see the pleasure and disbelief come over his face. Admittedly he was completely shocked that I am taking my role more serious.

Did I mention during my birthday get-a-way, I had Kb7 carry my Victoria Secret shopping bag, while I filled it with satin and lace:) Oh I didn't leave Kb7 out, I had him pick a pair of panties out for himself, I talked just loud enough for him to hear me, but for others within listening distance to hear as well. Kb7 shared with me later on that night as he modelled his black lace panties for me, a lady had been staring and flirting with him as I had him stand outside the change room for 30 +minutes, I told Kb7 I would be playing with myself and not to rush me!

I need to get a "dommey bed" for my loyal companion...any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Kb7 is so lucky.


Susan's Pet said...

I hope your pet appreciates your attention to his training. I would love to be in his place.

Punishing a human pet is one thing. But how do you "punish" a dog? I hope it is not physical violence.

Anonymous said...

I Love the comparison Slave-Pet. Maybe you should go to a pet store for a Dommey bed and maybe a wireless leash attached to his privates might keep him in the room you want. Always happy to see the Mistress post
Mistress M

Ladyof7 a veiw from the top said...

Thank you again for your comments, it is always a joy to receive feedback.
Just to clarify, we don't have any pets (well I do!), I was only refering to pets/dogs as an example of my training practises. I wouldn't think of harming an animal:)I appreciate you pointing this out to me, we have to be so careful how we put our thoughts into words. Again thank you.