Thursday, February 11, 2010


LO7 has made it clear that I will not cum until our weekend getaway next weekend

Feb 19-20. The term ” be careful what you wish for comes to mind “ I was allowed to cum last Sunday but only because I was past the point of no return and LO7 had enjoyed a few orgasms by that point. So I am at a minimum 9 days and counting!!!! 1 year ago LO7 would have never dreamed of making me wait for an orgasm, quite the opposite, she always made sure I was completely satisfied even if she was not in the mood. As I sit here typing horny and “MALE” I have to ask my self “are you nuts” and the answer is YES";Because the Sub in me is much stronger now and lives for the denial and loss of control,

Just knowing that LO7 can cum whenever she wants but I have to have her permission to even touch myself is a turn on that only a true sub can appreciate


Mknight said...

It is not only the feeling of submission that not having control of your sex. I have found it very freeing to not have to initiate sex or try and masterbate in secrete.

Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly with that final paragraph and understand exactly what you mean :-)