Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Natural Order

I find that the more stress full my Vanilla life becomes the more I fall into my submissive space. I think I am hard wired to be the Submissive in our relationship but society does not see that as the "norm"

By day I own, manage and work in my succesfull small business. I wonder what my staff and customers would think if they knew that behind closed doors I Love to submit to my Queen LO7. Imagine the look on my staff's faces if they ever caught a glimpse of me in my red or black panties kneeling at LO7's feet painting her toe nails . The fear of exposure is a huge turn on for both LO7 and myself. Being from a small town we are very carefull to keep our private life secert from all, but when we are away LO7 loves to show, very discreatly of course, who is in control of our relationship. As we continue to grow in our respective roles the "norm" is slowly changing for what I think is the better.


Her Majesty's Plaything said...

Hi kept by 7:

You and LO7 have a very beautiful thing going. I am very happy for you both and I can relate. I am also in a position of responsibility and have many people who report to me. There is nothing I enjoy more than coming home from work and having the opportunity to serve Her Majesty while worshiping at her royal feet! :-)

All The Best to you both!


little shaun said...

I feel the same way. If the people at work knew about me, I'd be completely shut out and would actually have to find work elsewhere.

Peter said...

Well said. We know of several couples who have to keep their relationship "in the closet" because of work concerns. It may be THE problem of the community


forever hers said...

being a business owner and a sub I totally know where you are coming from. If my people ever knew that my wife sent me to work in pink panties??? lol I have actually started my own blog too. All comments and suggestions are welcome. Its at http://forever-hers2010.blogspot.com/ ro simply click on my name to get there. I love your blog.

Susan's Pet said...

It is a shame that you have to keep your feelings a secret from your acquaintances. It would be great to be "outed" and appreciated for it. Still, I understand your position. We have not evolved to the point where we can do this.

In a way the secret addiction to submission gives you an outlet that few men have legally or approved by their partner. You have a great thing going for you.

widgets said...

i work alone but if my principals or customers knew that Rachel is the boss i doubt there would be any. She lays out what i wear from stockings and panties to my pedicure and keeps me shaved as well. When we go out i ask permission supposedly as a courtesy but in reality because at home i will have a "hot seat" amongst other things that will happen. This arrangement i love.
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