Friday, March 26, 2010

it pays to be obediant

The result....I had an earth shattering, body shaking orgasm! The reason, I was at my best all week. Lo7 refused to let me touch her but had me doing nightly training with my pocket pussy stopping just before it was too late, waiting and doing it again and again. No Orgasms just lots of pumping and frustration, this of course along with the humiliation of using this plastic pussy while lying next to my wife not being allowed to touch her sent me deeper and deeper into my submissive zone. Was it worth it? YES!!! And this week so far is the same as last week I am so horney and aching, dreaming of sliding into Lo7's hot pussy!!! I truly do adore my wife and the more we travel down this road the more love and content we both feel.


lawyer said...

"it pays to be obidient" that´s a lesson every man has to learn. I am glad Lo7 knows how to teach it to you.
It is always fun to see, how some good female dominance can really change a guys life.

Owbee said...

Just count your lucky stars that Lo7 even allows you to touch her hot pussy, let alone being allowed to have an orgasm! Both of you make me envious.