Thursday, March 18, 2010

Training has begun

The fantasy of submitting is becoming reality. I never Dreamed that LO7 and I would live the lifestyle that is becoming the norm for us. I started my pocket pussy training last night as LO7 watched, amused with what she was seeing and really turned on by the fact that she was going to cum but both of us knew I was not! I find my self today horny and can think of nothing more than how to please and make LO7's life more like that of a queen she deserves. I don't want this ride to end!!!


Another One said...

That's great for you two! Love to hear that others are enjoying their chosen relationships.

Just curious - what specifically is the training she's having you do? Wondering what type of toy it is, how she's training you etc.

kept by 7 said...

Hi AO thanks for reading
The training is using an artificial Pussy while Lo7 watches, (that in itself is kind of humiliating) I am not allowed to touch her but must use the pussy to learn to be able to control my orgasms. The training is teaching me when to stop before it is to late and also I think it is showing LO& just how much power she has which in turn pushes me into my submissive state. I will keep you posted on the progress

Another One said...

That must be very difficult to hold back! I always find that when I'm in chastity, the amount of time it takes me to reach orgasm is greatly reduced.

shebsheb said...

You're such a lucky man! :) ... Keep up the good work :)