Saturday, April 10, 2010

Not Letting Up

LO7 is going to be sure that Submissive kb7 is the front and center personality she can expect at any time. Last night when she saw a hint of the old me coming out at the dinner table she gave me a look that needed no words, later out of earshot from the kids she reinforced her look by saying "Clean up then 10 minutes with the pocket pussy NO Cumming" Again I returned to the Subkb7 she has grown to love. I wanted to make love to my wife in the worst way , but knew the pocket pussy was the only pussy I would get this night!


Owbee said...

That's more pussy than I get.

Anonymous said...

I must ask
Is it just in the bedroom or does your wife take control in any way in your everyday life ie: allowance, chores, any non sexual punishments to keep you submissive? This would be a true test I believe.

widgets said...

Respect and worship of your wife will get you the pleasures you seek in life.

Anonymous said...

Having read through your older posts I have a comment for Lo7
Referring to your Dommy Bed Post. I am a submissive want to be.
I am afraid to talk to my wife about this so I live my fantasy through other people’s blogs.
I think if kb7 were anything like me it would not matter where he slept, the floor a dog bed purchased from a pet store a guest room or sofa. The fact that you sleep and control the matrimonial master bed and for him to join you it is a privilege not a right! This should be made clear to him regularly. Sending him to the optional sleeping location at your discretion with or without explanation would be like sleeping on a cold hard floor no matter what the comfort level is.

little shaun said...

I can't even last ten seconds inside a pocket pussy.

Anonymous said...

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