Thursday, April 8, 2010

Red Panties and Denial

LO7 noticed my transformation back into the sarcastic ,stubborn man before I even realized I was changing. That's why I was surprised when she pulled my red panties out and said "wear these today".. Right away I realized I was slipping out of my sub-zone when instead of being excited I only thought of how careful I would have to be all day bending and how Humiliated I would feel just talking to the guys knowing our secret. Wanting to please I put them on and within seconds LO7 commented on my hard-on. the feeling of my cock against the lace turned my brain right back into the sub zone. For the remainder of the day Badk struggled with Subk for control... We all know that Subk, won but just to make sure I understood that badk was not going to be tolerated LO7 went right from the red pantie punishment to tease and denial punishment taking me to the edge then with a wicked grin said "be careful what you wish for"... So today I am once again the Sub man that adores and worships my LO7

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widgets said...

This is a great idea: I will use it on my husband aj. Then like you he will realize that we do not tolerate mcp behavior.