Tuesday, August 17, 2010

FLM wins

LO7 and I both agree we are happiest and at Peace when we are living the FLM lifestyle.
Our biggest problem is me staying submissive which keeps LO7 dominant. I guess it is not natural for either of us so we really need to communicate and get back on track, which is what we promised each other we would do starting as soon as LO7 get back from her camping trip. We would love to hear ANY suggestions or experiences in this lifestyle that may help us stay focused 


Anonymous said...

The thing that keeps me constantly reminded is that my Mistress makes me wear panties at all times. With minor exceptions such as doctors visits. Now bear in mind that I am horseman who raises breaks and shows horses. If you walked into a room and had to pick out the man in panties I would probably be the last man chosen.
I am not talking about thongs or other skimpy things. She buys me high quality stretch nylon briefs. I am reminded all day long, every time i go to the bathroom that I am her slave.

kept by 7 said...

Thanks Anonymous I am sure LO7 will have fun with that idea!!!! Do you have a Blog?

subtlyhers said...

There are so many things that you can do, such as the pantie idea that may help you to stay focussed. If you can stay focussed, and treat her like your Queen, it of course will help to keep her in dominant mode.

In a FLR the partners really need to feed off one another, if one begins to act less dom/sub the other will likely follow suit. The tricky thing is that like any relationship there tends to be an ebb and flow with an FLR, the key is keep the ebb from becoming to drastic. As with most relationship aspects, communication is very important. When one of you is feeling less engaged be sure to talk about it. (I know, easier said than done.)

Very best of luck to you and LO7.

Anonymous said...

I love LO7.

EsEm said...

I think being able to dress your queen for the day or for a date, makes me so horny I would do anything for her.


Anonymous said...

I think a special humiliating slave name when heard will remind kb7 of his place

Rachel said...

I always keep my boy aj in panties and nice cotton socks or if necessary in stockings, garter belt and panty girdle. He knows that I am the LEADER.

Anonymous said...

My Mistress has found that immediately after orgasm I lose my submissiveness. That is when she is sure to remind me of my place by having me thank her for the privilege of orgasm, then I must wear my after orgasm panties until she feels I am back to the submissive doting husband she has come to expect.

Mistress Lovely Legs said...

My sissy maid and I have come to a similar conclusion. We are both happier, in our relationship as well as in our daily vanilla life, when I am making the decisions and am the one in control. We have been dabbling in our FLR for about 8 months now and have been chronicling our adventure in our own blog (http://makingmimi.blogspot.com).

I will admit that at times, I have not been fully convinced that mimi is cut out to be the sissy I need; however, she works hard at it every day to prove me wrong.

My favorite way to remind her of her place is during intercourse: if I can sense she is getting close to orgasm, I demand she chant, loud enough for the neighbors to hear, "Mistress comes first". Not only does it get me more riled up & experience stronger orgasms, but it forces her to focus harder on what she is doing (while bringing her even closer to that dangerous tipping point when she might cum without My permission.....) After all, in the various interpretations of that little chant, is the truth of our FLR - I come first, and I cum first. End of story. <3

Thank you for sharing your blog with us
~Mistress & mimi