Friday, October 8, 2010

Still here

Sorry it has been so long between posts. I founnd this picture after reading some comments on older posts and thought it fit ! Just for fun We would like some feed back on punishments or ideas to stop  the Husband  cumming before the wife during lovemaking.


Anonymous said...

I can tell you how to fix that problem and ANY problem that arises with one simple rule.
If your husband orgasms before you during intercourse have him kneel and bring you to orgasm with his tongue! Now understand the male has reached orgasm so the last thing he wants to do is clean his own semen from your pussy. Once you have been satisfied sexually use this situation to have him clean and consume all of his semen. I usually take this time to bring up any other issues pending, Daily duties not completed, attitude, you get it! NO man want to sit there with his own cum drying on his face and the taste in his throat for long so I find that he is much more attentive at this time. Will it help him last longer? I am sure all men must know by now we control that as well and if I feel really nasty I will make him think he has outlasted me then ahhh you came already and I was so close as I gently push his head down
Enjoy your powers
Head of the Household

Anonymous said...

I don't know that any punishment will work. It is simply the man's mind,responsibility and desire. If he wants to not cum then he has to make it be. Speak up say I am going to cum. Let her know you are close. If it is a one or even two time then good comunication is the issue.

If it is all the time then he is not trying. Then the punishment is what ever you guys are doing in the extreme. For instance if corporal punishment is your thing then corporal punishment is the answer. Instead of a nice warm up and contact within limits. Start off much harder than usual, no warm up and increase the striking force well beyound normal limits. If it is to be a punishment make it one. Take it further and harder.

This is difficult within the confinds of a loving releationship. Most couple don't really want to hurt each other.

Humulation as stated above is effective. Try a cum salad dresssing. Cum in a cup. At a much later and nonsexual moment, like dinner the next day, mix salad with the cum as dressing wand watch him "enjoy".

At a public setting serve a cup of pee and make him drink it. The key is attack during a non sexual setting. You will get your point across.

not spell corrected

Lady Koregan said...

Kegels. Kegels are your very best friend. When you come down to it, the muscles that control orgasm are just like any other muscles in your body. They need conditioning in order to work their best. I've had great success training men to hold out from orgasm with them.

~Lady Koregan

kept by 7 said...

Thanyou all for your feedback! I must ask Lady Koregan What is Kegels?

The Enchanted Ranger said...

don't give up on your blog. I just found it, and i like it!!!

Kegels are pelvic contrations which strengthen the muscles down there. kind of like when you are peeing and want to stop the stream. if you practic the stopping and starting, you will be amazed by the control you will have over your orgasm response. great idea from Lady Koregan

Lady Koregan said...

Kegels are exercises that strenghten the pelvic muscles in both men and women. The stronger those muscles are, the more concious control you have over when you orgasm.

Mort said...

A little late, but what the heck...

One thing that helps for us: I'm not allowed to cum inside her, at all. If I can't help myself, (like if I haven't orgasmed in weeks) I pull out, but usually if she says "Don't stop!" somehow knowing that cumming is simply not an option helps me to pull back.