Thursday, March 24, 2011


As you can see by the last long post and movie attachments Kb7 has been busy while I was on holidays. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and in this case the hard-on bigger, thicker and dripping. We are at a stage in our lives where I want a calm peaceful relationship
It seems denial ,teasing and control keeps kb7 the loving gentle person I fell in love with, but his stubborn side has a tendency to overpower.
So here we are day 18 of denial for kb7 and I need to know from you, what do I do?
I can’t keep teasing and denying forever, is there a special number of days of denial?, what happens after I finally grant orgasm?
How do I keep the loving focus going? Kb7 has the easy part he just walks around hard and does nice things for me.
I have to manage this! Help!


At all Times said...

I would suggest that denial should maybe last for a month, but extended for a further month if you have not been entirely happy or satisfied with KB7's behaviour or attitude. I would also suggest that each time you do allow KB7 to orgasm, you should be telling him what it is that you expect from him, maybe linking it to a specific task or action that you would like him to perform. In this way he will always associate being allowed to orgasm with his consistent behaviour and attitude towards you, or some specific task that he must perform.

Anonymous said...

have you never heard of milking.
This is achieved by massaging the prostate with a lubed finger inserted in his bottom. I suggest anyone who denies orgasm to practice this for health purposes. After massaging for maybe 10-15 minutes his sperm will run out of his cock without the satisfaction of orgasm. (google it)

Mistress Kitten said...

Check out my blog for the contract that I have made Snuffy sign. This was determined after I explained that I can always go find another Cuck to fill his spot.

Snuffy said...

Mistress Kitten has given me permission to write. Can you please give me some thoughts on how you deal with extended chastity? i struggle with it as we have only been doing it for a couple of weeks. Mistress Kitten did indeed require me to sign a contract and it has really put our relationship in focus. She is meeting her BULL this week while i am out of town. Any thoughts on this? We have never done that without me at least being in town.



Ladyof7 a veiw from the top said...

Snuffy, chastity is always a struggle honestly! Denial is when Kb7 is most submissive and win for me, so I don't find it hard to deny Kb7. I love to tease Kb7 and lead him onto thinking I may allow him to release, often having him bring out some of my favorite toys to please me! We are open to thoughts and ideas as there is always lots to learn!
When you say BULL...can you elaborate a little? Sounds kinky!

Snuffy said...

Mistress Kitten has asked me to contact you after LO7 responded today to my post. Mistress Kitten is in contact with with LO7 and she would like me to get ideas on how you have worked through your submission process. This is clearly something i struggle with and has been a tough transisition for me. Anything you can help out with would be appreciated.


Snuffy said...

Mistress Kitten has given me permission to respond to you but will be monitoring my comments. Mistress Kitten too likes to tease me much in the same way by instructing me to please her while i get no satisfaction . She will make me use her toys and or hand to please her. She also will only allow me to masturbate and when i am very lucky to have sex with her i am only able to be under her or behind her. Both very submissive positions. i am never allowed to be on top or doggy style with her as she has told me that is reserved for others should she choose. That brings me to your other question on her BULL. That is her man she dates occasionally or meets for sex. i have been allowed to participate with them, watch them and sometimes am not allowed to be there. Thank you for your input on KB7's chastity and denial. We are lucky to have a Mistress like Mistress Kitten and yourself to guide and mold us.

Please feel free to contact Mistress Kitten at her blog.

Good luck