Saturday, March 7, 2009

Control in public

Last night was a first, We were at some friends house and after a few to many wines Ladyof7 started to make comments on Chasity and Fem Domme I laughed it off in front of our friends. Inside I was scared and turned on not knowing how far she would go with it. It did not go on as i changed the subject quickly and Ladyof7 let it go, But this made me think it would be a real turn on if we did it secretly in public. maybe I would not be allowed to have a drink without Ladyof7's permission this could happen if say my glass is empty and someone says more wine? I glance lady's glass is not empty and there is no gesture from her saying it is OK so i say no thank you . Ladyof7 finishes her wine and i ask if she would like a refill and she says yes thank you if you are going to have one or yes since your not having more I will and you can drive. I think the secret controll is probably one of my biggest turn ons as well as the thrill of ladyof7 publicly displaying suttle power she has over me

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