Monday, March 9, 2009


Hello fellow people of this lifestyle, Ladyof7 and i where talking about this way of life and would like some input from anyone who has some to offer. We are very new to this and would like to learn more. What we are looking for is:
A) What would you like to hear from Ladyof7 in this blog
B) Have the posts been interesting & informative so far, what can keptby7 do to make the blog better.
C) Pictures, what would you like to see?
D) being new to this lifestyle we need Ideas & scenarios we can act out. Most of ours come from keptby7 fantasies. we want something new that maybe he might not want to do but needs to prove his submission by doing it.
E) Punishment ideas.
thank you in advance to anyone who replies to this. We will definatly keep everyone imformed


Anonymous said...

I think the pictures that you have posted so far have been just great. What they show without being too graphic or distasteful, are images that place the male form completely submissive, and under the direct control of the female form, highlighted so wonderfully subtley by the angle of the picture and the use of the nylon of her stocking, her shoe and painted toe nails.

I would personally like to see more of the same, continuing the theme of subtle, yet such an obvious female dominance over the man.

You may like to try and expand the theme placing the man in different embarassing and humiliating positions using other feminine attire or accessories to highlight female control and power over men, these could also be considered as punishments to.

It would interesting to hear from ladyof7 a bit more about what she enjoys about having a submissive husband and what she gets from it.

darren said...

Hi you two,

To be honest I think you are doing a great job, both of you. I think as long as you are keeping it realistic and posting what you are comfortable with then carry on what you are doing.

I personally love to read how the female is feeling during punishment time, when she is being pampered etc, I love to try and understand what you are getting out of it and how it turns you on.

As for punishments then I do like the thoughts of punishments always related to the crime! If he orgasms without permission perhaps you should keep milking him dry but forcing him to cum time and time again until he is begging for you to stop and until a dry orgasm occurs! That should teach him.

If he is being rude in public then humiliate him in public etc etc. As long as you are both enjoying it then we will continue to enjoy reading about your lives!

Keep up the good work!