Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day 7 No Release

Lo7 has taken her control to a new level, While we are still feeling out our respective places in the FLR way of life one solid fact has been established. I am much more attentive to Lo7's needs before I cum. This is nothing new to report and I think any FLR couple would say the same thing!
This is a reality Lo7 is realizing first hand. Lo7 is a very strong and giving, nurturing person and up until a couple of months ago, although Dominating and threatening long term denial, she was careful to make sure I was always sexually satisfied. This morning as I stood beside the bed pouring her tea, she proceeded to work her magic fingers on my hard pleading cock! As the pre- cum oozed and her fingers swirled the head of my cock, my legs shook and I could feel the pleasure, that I needed to feel so badly building. Lo7 read my body perfectly and as my cock started to swell and my eyes closed and body pushed into her hand, she Stopped! My eyes shot open and Her smile told me once again she was starting to enjoy this. Feeling playful she started again, within seconds the pleasure was back,(Lo7 has never gone this many days of bringing me to the edge and stopping) For the first time I was really not the one in control, I really did not know if I would cum today. Desperate for release I said to Lo7 "Please let me cum and I will gladly put the cage or panties on to keep my submissive side attentive to You. My knees where shaking and once again she stopped. When I looked at her this time I could see her mind racing,it was like a light went on in her head. My desperation for release that made me blurt out this promise may just be the start to our FLR out of the bedroom training program. Lo7 told me to get dressed and as I was getting ready for the day I could see her sipping her tea, thinking! I also was thinking! Right now i would gladly lock up or wear panties to feel the pleasure of Orgasm, but I know I wont be so willing once I cum.
I did ask Lo7 to post a message as I am sure everyone is getting tired of hearing my side all the time.


Anonymous said...

the number 7 seems to be very important in your relationship :)

helpmate hubby said...

An astute obesrvation. BTW I just love your writings you do an swesome job conveying what being a submissive male means to you. As one myse;lf, if you want an invite to my blog send me an email at