Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Who Knew Being Submissive was not as easy as in my Fantasies

Life in my head was a dream world, Lo7 took control and my little head was happy and submissive!
The reality of it is not quite like the fantasy! For the last few weeks I seem to have lost interest in the Blog and my submissive side seemed to be having trouble coming out naturally. This was frustrating to me and especially Lo7 who was enjoying the submissive kb7's doting loving ways. It took a chat with Miss Honey to straighten my "big head" out. I explained to Miss Honey the frustration Lo7 and myself were feeling. At this point I must say that I am probably the luckiest man alive to have a patient understanding loving woman like Lo7 who is working so hard to make my fantasy a reality. Upon chatting with Miss Honey she helped me realize why I had been losing my submissive desires. I was a submissive that was totally in control and Lo7 was doing everything I wanted to fulfill my submissive sexual fantasies. When I close my eyes I get excited and very submissive picturing Lo7 dressed Like the professional woman she is, confidence oozing from her knowing she is in complete control. At first Miss Honey's Suggestions did not really make my little head happy, but the more I realized I was topping from the bottom the more I realized she was absolutely right and my visions of Lo7 put me right back in my submissive state(along with Lo7's decision to bring me to the edge every morning this week but not allow orgasm). Below is a list of Miss Honey Suggestions
1) Take the sex out of the Dominance for now.
2) Lo7 should not be denied, so my tongue , toys or any way Lo7 requires pleasure she will have it.
3) Denial may not be necessary Masturbating at Lo7's discretion in a dark room with no stimulation may prove to be a use full training tool.
4) Lo7 should explore what brings her pleasure from a Female Led Lifestyle and spend time training me providing her pleasure to truly bring out my submissive side. This could be as simple as preparing a cup of tea and listening to how her day went. Or extreme like kneeling while she eats and waiting and eating the scraps from her plate when she is finished. What ever she wants.
Lo7 knows I am writing this and I hope it helps her to understand her power over me.
I guess we will have to wait and see
Thank you Miss Honey


Anonymous said...

i think you are a lucky sub having a Wife like Lo7. i hope you'll appreciate Her.

Ms. C said...

Miss Honey is right. Often an FLR is nothing more than the man topping from the bottom. His desires and fantasies run the show.

The result is both partners get frustrated. inour case, I simply became exhausted. His fantasies kept flowing, I kept trying to bring them to life. It was a never ending cycle with no real upside for me.

But we are working through it and have established a new dynamic. I am glad you got some solid advice and I know you will get through this@

kept by 7 said...

Thank you appy, I really do appreciate everything about her! Ms. C I have been following your blog and in many ways our lives are very much the same.

Mistress L said...

That is definitely good advice...topping from the bottom is more common than you think. If it persist, look into yourself as a possible "Alpha Sub". Good luck and keep us posted!