Sunday, June 21, 2009

Slowly but surely taking control..

The saga continues...This has become a huge undertaking, not an easy task to take control, particularly when Kb7 continues to fight it all the way. As Kb7 reveals his inner thoughts and the hurdles he needs to get over through our blog I can see improvements, we still have along way to go. Kb7 finds comfort in knowing other couples have the same struggles, but this is no excuse however.
June is a busy month with the kids sports, let me explain these pictures. For those of you who have been following our blogs you will recall the last weekend away with the boys and the requirement to wear the red lace panties I had packed and a picture as proof.
I sent Kb7 on his way after a very hot blow job, sucking, rubbing and licking him until his man hood was swollen and throbbing... the twist of course he wasn't allowed release. Kb7 laughed and wasn't completely surprised, I hope I'm not becoming too predictable! This weekend was a little different than the last game away, he had to share a bed with another dad. I instructed Kb7 what to wear the red lacy panties during the entire day, taking a picture of his butt (pretty cute in red lace), he didn't take a picture of his rock hard manhood and the pre-cum on the panties as I had instructed. His excuse came to light last night, he was afraid one of the roommates would hear the camera, and he nearly didn't obey at all and was prepared for the consequences of disobeying. STRIKE ONE!
Lat night I was teasing again, with my fingers and mouth, gently rubbing his hard cock barely touching it as I moved my hand up and down his shaft, as he began to pump and attempt to push himself against my hand, I told Kb7 he was not allowed to cum. Kb7 said I had better stop playing because he was getting dangerously close, I continued to caress and rub the cum over the top and down the shaft, at which time Kb7 began to moan and tremble, I pulled my hand away and said that is enough for tonight. Too late, Kb7 moaned OMG I'm cumming...STRIKE TWO! Of course I was expecting instant vanilla.
This morning, I teased again, half hearted as the tease is never as intense after you get release. To my surprise, Kb7 was hard and ready to go, I had Kb7 tease and tickle me until I came, Kb7 was denied.
I'm reaching out for some ideas, how long should I make him wait this time. Kb7 will be away again this weekend, any ideas? We get feedback and value all comments.
The red lacy panties hav ebecome the travelling panties.


Miss Honey said...

You should make him wait exactly the amount of time that will please you. The strikes need to be dealt with and I like to incorporate reminders or relevant activities into any punishments offered. I also might suggest that you not wait and allow such things to build.

As an exmple... He comes home without the picture you demanded of him in red panties hard with precum... so you have him put the panties in his mouth as a gag and kneel in the corner. Or you spank him with the panties on. Or you make him put them on and you take a half dozen pics after putting clothespins on his butt to pin the panties on for a time. Anything that you know he dislikes but that is within limits and incorporates in some way what you wanted.

He cums there without your permission... so you make him spend the night sleeping on the exact spot his cum dribbled onto the floor. Or you make him cum and unreasonable number of times in a short period of time and offer corporal punishment when/if he can not comply. Or you do not touch him yourself for a specific time.

The point is... be quick, and demanding with these punishments. And also... that you recognize when they are done and the initial act is now forgiven.

If a child reaches for the stove you smack their hand immediately with a NO. You do not wait until the weekend and then remind them. If the dog pees in the living room you immediatly rub their nose in the mess as you know to wait a day later will have no real effect. I know your Kof7 isn't a child or a dog, but there is something to the immediate a swift punishment and it is what is so often used in training those we dominate.

Now I also know that you may have a real life situation (kids, job, dinner plans) that prevents you from doing something immediately. However, I would tell my submissive immediately of my displeasure in no uncertain terms and tell them what that disobediance has earned them. Anticipation can be your friend... knowing XYZ is going to be done to them or required of them with no exceptions and no mercy is very powerful.

Anonymous said...

Domina know exactly what you mean! We love getting comments and ideas. I think the thing is now we all fallow so mant similar blogs, it takes a dedicated slot of time to not just read, but slip in words of encouragement to everyone.

On the subject on length of denial, I think it's best you just decide what works for you. It seems we men have tolerance limits before we can't control it and depending on how sexually active we are.

Just go with the flow with what you like most. If you want some good hard passionate love making, let him have a release and he'll be in good control without worries for at least a week. If you like making him a horny wreck where he's begging to eat from your hands, cut him off.

At first Domina wasn't all that into the tease and denial. Now she's a fanatic. It makes her feel powerful. Power in denying me or pleasure in granting me. I'll admit, I like to be denied. It puts me in a high state that is hard to wear off. After serveral weeks, the uphoria can be agnonizing torment. Tormented by pleasure... it never ceases to fascinate me.

But the gem of it is that Domina uses it as a tool like the control knobs on the stero, setting the treble, bass, volume... She's free to experiment with how controlling my sexual relief changes, encourages me, or discourages me.

It is a thrill for us men. Long periods of denial can be difficult, but it's challenging. I think that's part of what so many of us guys want is a challenge. We like being your lovers. We like sacrificing our relief for your pleasure and receiving your teasing encouragement.

Men want sexual interaction more than to just cum. I can attest to the fact that I love denial because it is intimate and interactive. Even if you are not in the mood, you can make him masturbate and tease himself into a fit so he'll be ready for you when you are ready. He'll be happy because you met his needs... to be intimate with you and to receive your attention even if you are not an active participant physically. And when the time comes taht you do make love, it will be mind blowing... and the best part is you can still deny him even then!


Anonymous said...

i can't believe you let him keep his body hair!