Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Challenges, cleaning, catering, caos but no Chastity!

What a pleasant surprise to see kb7 has made good use of our blog and received the guidance and good advise from you wonderful, kind and genuinely caring subs. Thank- you, Thank-you, even a spank you!((hugs))
We are still during the early days with my recovery, but doing much better. I'm feeling a little selfish having the entire household helping out. kb7 can't do it all, and I wouldn't expect it either.
Prior to surgery, we made a promise to each other to keep our lifestyle alive, though there would be some setbacks, we both were responsible to at least try. During the first 10 days when my mom was here, I did try at my first doctors appointment, but it didn't go over too well. As I read kb7s posts I realise he was feeling the impact of our current situation, and my heart hurt for him. I simply pointed to my feet and had said in front of the entire waiting area and my MOM, and said to kb7 "hey hon, you will have to give me a foot bath, massage my feet and paint my nails tonight" kb7 simply smiled and looked back at his hands sitting on his lap. His response makes complete sense to me since reading our blog. I of course gave up, and had evil thoughts running through my head!! I bit my lip and just let it all go.
Moving forward...this morning kb7 called first thing to inform me that he awoke twice during the night dreaming about masturbating...this was a turn on for sure. Which was a good indication to me, that time does heal.
kb7 has done so much for us, what should I do for him in return?
With much gratitude, until later...
Lo7 xo

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Yardbird said...


What a great story.
May I suggest, as a submissive male, that what you might do that would have a lasting impact on him is to hold a sort of formal ceremony in which you let him know that he has pleased you.
That is his goal, that is his reward.
Dress yourself in somethiing powerful, have him kneel before you (preferably naked), take his chin in your hand, look into his eyes, and tell him very clearly what a good boy he is, and that you are pleased with him.
If he's anything like me, his tail will wag.