Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Daily"Vanilla" Reminder

LO7 is away this weekend, I love it when we are connected and I really feel the love and truly miss her.
I have been thinking of ways to stay this close and think that maybe a "Vanilla Daily Ritual" might help to remind us of our rolls and no matter what the mood of either of us this simple task must be completed and hopefully it will be enough to keep both of us focused on each other. I am looking for ideas it could be something very simple, or something a little more complex I am open to suggestions


Bob said...

I have a suggestion.
My wife has me straighten up the bathroom every night before bed.She goes in first and takes off her make up and gets ready for bed. I (even if I am already in bed)go in after her and any clothes on the floor I put into the hamper any hanging on the towel rack or laid on the tub side I fold and put in it's drawer or hang. I put away the tooth brush and paste and tidy up the counter area and empty the garbage. My wife is very particular and tidy and this makes her very happy. This way I can keep an eye on her make up supplies and get bonus points for picking items up for her.

Happy pet said...


Related to Bob's suggestion above but i clean and tidy the bathroom every morning. You can always offer to do all of the cooking and meals from breakfast through to dinner which is something i also do. Another thought would be to between you agree a rosta of things for you to do on a daily basis, can be as simple a thing as making sure her mobile is always charged.


Anonymous said...


Ideas are always fun to bat around.

1. Never enter or leave a room with your back towards her.

2. Shine her shoes. Not with a body part with real wax

3. Always delay your eating in relationship to hers for some pre-set moment.

4. Ask for permission to do the mundane, i.e. May I please sit, May I please eat, May I please begin my chores, etc

5. Sleep as she directs. On the couch tonight, with the light on, in the nude, with doubles sets of PJ’s

6. There is always the self improvement category:
Exercise every day for her
Drink a glass of unflavored fiber
Eat oatmeal, not instant, no sugar, everyday, etc.

7. There is always the fond of writing program out there

8. Read her poetry or just read to her

9.The best is always, “mothers manners”,. i.e. walk on the outside of her, open the doors, help her with her coat, full setting of silverware at her place setting or for the whole table, Ms Manners is still in the bookstore.

10. Look at your everyday life, what do you do every day and pick something and exaggerate it.



Anonymous said...

From reading previous posts I would say that kb7 has to show more commitment to his submisivness.
I would like to hear LO7's side to know whether she wants a sub husband! Either way I think kb7 should start small and commit 100% and l07 should commit to making sure he fullfills his task to her high expectations, even if he has to do it over until it is done correctly

linewriter said...

I turn back the bed and get her pyjamas out every night.
PJs are on the bed face down ready to be put on.
Simple but she likes it.

Ms Sophia said...

I love the little vanilla things that remind him of my control!