Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Next Level

Life really throws the curve balls when you expect a strike.LO7and I have had some real tough times connecting over the last few months, so our FLR went right out the window, Reading through our older posts I realize that maybe we should have read the comments a little more carefully. I think that when we are connected and in the lifestyle peace and harmony just happen. I would like to have that peace and I know LO7 would as well, So once again I will ask how can we go to a higher level of FLR and live a peace full loving lifestyle and take a few of the escape routes My stubborn self seems to find when I don't like the way things are going.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog and have some suggestions for you.
1)since the submissive husband was my idea My wife had me write out a "contract" of the things that we decided on as rules for my submission. Any time I sway from the rules she simply has me get out the contract and read the rule I have broken.
2) I read alot about denial! My wife allows me 4 orgasms a month if she feels really nasty she will tease me and bring me to orgasm maybe twice in one night this has me really concentrate on control. so as not to "waste" an orgasm. and she is very strict on the 4 orgasms a month.
Hopes this helps and also remeber to communicate, that is most impotant

Mike said...

I agree with the above comment
Communication is most important also commitment. If you are stubborn and looking for outs then you are not committed. Are you not sticking with it because your wife is not Committed or interested in this lifestyle? In my opinion any way you achieve peace and harmony and deep love is worth the work from both sides

Anonymous said...

A note to the above post. After showing my wife my comment to you and a night of arguing
My wife has elevated our evolving lifestyle to the next level
She had me re-write the rules stating that the previous month’s behavior would reflect on the number of orgasms for the next month and there was no minimum and getting a negative number was not out of the question. All this over a macho sarcastic and condescending comment I let slip during our discussion that turned argument!

Anonymous said...

In my life the frustration comes from her not being able to let go of a chore or other responsibility. By example; she says “I have to do the laundry.’ I say no you don’t, I will do the laundry.” She does a load or two, I get frustrated, we argue. I do the rest of the laundry, she later says I had to do the laundry and we get frustrated again. (the latter problem for me is pride)

Well the easy answer is doing the laundry before she says I have to…but then there is that life and work thing which leaves little of that time thing. The circle seems to go around and around.

I don’t have an answer to your question.

The trapping of a FLA are a lot of fun. I get a kick out of wearing tighty whiteys while I do things. It more fun and it seems to make me more likely to do things. But then I cook our family’s food nearly every night and do so in what I wore to work that day. So trappings are not really the answer.

We talk a lot and that seems to eliminate some of the difficulties.

In sum I believe it is very much an issue of trust. Boy does it hurt when she lacks trust. But trust is earned with consistency. I have to be consistent with my course, which, I hope, will make her consistent with her course, and allow her the comfort of relaxing and letting go a chore or other.

I enjoy your sharing and by the way I love the big red picture.


Ladyof7 a veiw from the top said...

We value all of your feedback thank you! Communication is key in every aspect of your relationship, I am a big communicator and Kb7 is still learning. We just need to work his stuborn nature, damn hard to beat that out of him! I just informed Kb7 I am getting my red whip out tonight. Pictures to follow.

Anonymous said...

You and Snuffy both have the same stubborn streak. He and I are experiencing agnst as he too wants to change in mid-stream if he gets what he asks for. I.E. meaning that he expresses the need and desire for me to have freedom, but the thought of freedom scares him and he retreats. I feel like we are doing the "Bunny Hop".