Friday, May 29, 2009


With the Children full swing in sports, life especially ours takes a back seat.
I have been following other blogs and appreciate that we are not the only couple struggling with this lifestyle. I struggle mentally being a male raised to hide all emotion, be strong and lead at all costs. Lo7 struggle with the fact that I have confessed my submissiveness to her but it seems to be on My terms. I truly Love lo7 and want to prove I can live this lifestyle we have come to enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Like many of us submissive men, you rely almost entirely on you wife's willingness to accpet, indulge, and acknowledge your submission. This is made all the more difficult for most because the wife not only has to learn to accpet the change in position she finds herself in, but also whether she feels as though she can act upon it within everyday life and situations.

Because she will not generally be turned on by acting dominant or having you do things for her, or feeling in charge, you need to give her other reasons to want this.

That means for most women, love, attention, pampering, and lastly your submission. These alone, however, may not be enough to bring out her dominance of the relationship in the way that you would like, and that is the problem.

I don't know the answer, but I am working on it....!!!!!

Mistress L said...

Slow steps. Find out what she likes and what she'll tolerate and what she just absolutely dislikes. There's a fine line between them all.

Also don't worry about what others are doing, just find what works for your relationship, each relationship is unique and should be tailored as so.

Hope that helps!

kept by 7 said...

Thank you for the tips, every comment helps!
and Mistress L Thank you for your comment, I will focus on our relationship and find what works for us.

Cherylssubhub said...

It seems we all go through times like these. An FLR is like any relationship, it will ebb and flow.

I think that perhaps the most important thing is to always communicate, and try to find a little time, even just 5 minutes a day, to just be with each other and connect.

Best wishes to you both.