Thursday, August 6, 2009

Aug 10th

Well, my first week as a non arguing husband in a WLM was a disaster! Both Lo7 and myself could not find our proper places in this relationship. I was sad Lo7 was frustrated until Saturday night!
We were both tired and frustrated, Lo7 was leaving for a week the next day, Getting ready for bed Lo7 said "go shower and then come to bed and massage my feet"! I jumped at the chance and as she lay on the bed fully clothed I took my position naked at her feet and started massaging the moisturising cream into them. I was rock hard and could not believe this was happening Lo7 usually does not like to have her feet touched. She noticed my hard on smiled , closed her eyes and really enjoyed the massage which led into a hot night of sex sex sex. The next morning I awoke and was hard immediately, Lo7 started massaging my manhood and out of the blue said "I want my tea served now with you in your Traveling Panties" I was slightly embarrassed and humiliated(I had never worn them in front of her always whenI was on the road and took pictures for her to see) but the hard on sticking out the side was the true feelings that Lo7 pick up on . I served tea and as she sipped it she proceeded to explain that before she left she would have an orgasm , but I would have to Wait until next Saturday! All the time talking she was using her hand to bring me to the edge, stopping just short. when she was satisfied I was in agony she had me use my mouth to fill her needs , Well things got hot and just as she was about to cum she pulled me up and used my cock to finish her off saying "DO NOT CUM" I tried but it was to late! Lo7 was not happy but also knows I was past the point of no return. After the fun we laid in bed Lo7 had her head on my chest. She said I like you as kb7 but we need to build this into our daily life. First thing I want is for you to write in our blog about this Cumming when told not to, lets let our readers decide your fate for that slip up. 2) I want your groin area free of any hair at all times, this is to remind you I am in control. 3) We need to define our roles more clearly, While I am away I want you to write down what you can do to be a better partner in a FLM and what my role would be and how you see me in this arrangement. When I return we will sit down and discuss your writings and start our new life with Lo7 in charge and kb7 at her side.


subservient-husband said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Sounds so awesome!!!

My first week was not easy. I got erect often. When I did and knew I was not permitted touchie-touchie, it was an authority reinforcer and by the end of the week, I wanted to do anything she said. The word "Cowering" comes to mind. It actually made the subservience come more naturally and therefore was a welcome change.

If you are new to shaving, I suggest clippers with a #2 guard to start and then just a normal razor in the shower. I shave my face in the shower to, so this is just an extra step.

The Rules Doc is fun. I liked that part. I have one too. Maybe when you are done, we can compare

kept by 7 said...

Thanks for the encouraging post Subservient
it's nice to know I am not alone

little shaun said...

I remember the days when a foot massage led to great sex. Now they are just an expected nightly routine. That being said, it seems you have a lot to look forward to.

An unauthorized ejaculation for me is usually an automatic three weeks of chastity. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

You have a great opportunity to write down and help define the roles you would have for yourself and for your wife. Whatever they are, I suggest that you think very carefully about what it is that want and how your express yourself. You certainly need to put your wife first and express clearly what it is that you would like to do for her and how you wish to make her feel as your "queen", "mistress". Also you have a great opportunity to put down what it is that you would like from her, how you would like to be treated, what she should expect from you, and then discuss what she wants, likes or dislikes. Not many men are given this opportunity so make the most of it.