Sunday, August 30, 2009

A light came on!

Our month of trial FLR is coming to an end and yes finally after some Highs and lows I think I can see a path we will travel down. Last week my stubbornness caused a huge argument which ended in Lo7 not speaking to me. Then it was like someone turned on a light in my head , everything was clear to me Lo7 wants the man who also is the Sub all the time not just when he is submissive . I want Lo7 to be more dominant. I apologized for the blow out and asked that if I started to become stubborn just say " this is not open to discussion" Lo7 agreed and when I found myself starting to argue, which until now never realized how stubborn and argumentative I was, Lo7 simply said " not open for discussion" I made a conscious effort to obey that on every occasion and it worked. Baby steps I know but I feel great, Lo7 is happy, our lives seem peaceful and as a reward Lo7 is going to teach me how to apply toenail polish to her toes tonight. I cant wait to see what september will bring


Kathy said...

Thank you for posting on my blog. It is always nice to know that someone is reading.

In my view too much discussion is not a good thing in a fem/dom marriage. It is better to just tell the husband what is required, and punish him when necessary. They learn!

Well trained submissve men make wonderful loving husbands as well as great servants.
They need female guidance, not female discussion.

Love, Kathy

subservient-husband said...

congratulations, way to go!

When you mentioned that your obedience is working, it also sounded like you were enjoying obedience. I find that I do too.

Anonymous said...

Great news! It will get easier for you and will get to the point where you won't even begin to argue anymore, you will just know it is law.

I think communication is key in any relationship. But there comes a point when you just have to say, enough and lay down the law. And I think it was to that point.