Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August 4th

Well 4 days in and I see why Lo7 is so frustrated. She has had to remind me of our arrangement several times already! I guess I did not realize how patient she actually is when it comes to this lifestyle. I feel really at piece as the days go by, Loving Lo7 more and just really getting along. I don't think this is happening because I am being submissive, I think in my head I am accepting that there is so much more harmony when you accept that 1 person should be in control and guide the relationship while the other person lovingly follows. In this case it is the Female led relationship we are pursuing.
Nothing fem domme to report as of yet
but i will continue to post


Anonymous said...

I am curious. For what reasons did she have to remind you? And what do you call Fem Domme?

Anonymous said...

If I am being entirely honest, I am surprised that you have needed to be reminded several times of “your” arrangement only 4 days in. This makes me think that you are not really dedicated or motivated enough to really want a FLR full time, and maybe why your wife has expressed her frustration. You have been given an opportunity that most men would give almost anything to have. If you are trying to encourage a reaction from your wife then that can be dangerous too.

subservient-husband said...

My wife got pissed a few times when I kept harping on sex every time we talked about anything. I thought I was being a good submissive husband. When she told me, it suddenly made sense. How annoying would it be to have your husband react sexually when discussion the shopping list and everything else. Anyway, I know where you are coming from that you do things that you think are what she wants, but learn later that is is an annoyance for whatever reason. And then the light turns on and I get the chance to alter my behavior to how she wants me to be and I again find my place of contentment. When she asks me to change some way, I feel peace because she is exercising her authority over me.

kept by 7 said...

Thank you all for taking the time to read and reply
Kat, to asnwer your questions. Lo7 had to remind me of our agreement when we where discussing issues and I started to get argumentive on my position, and also on a few occasions when we where out and I was not paying enough attention to Lo7. Femme Domme in our life that i mentioned is more of the kinky side to this lifestyle.
At All Times, again thanks for the reply.
This is a learning curve, Lighten up a bit, I love my wife and want to learn to be a wonderful loving and doting husband. She is also learning of my desires and we are both growing together.
Subservient Husband
Thank you, I enjoy and am learning from your posts, any comments you leave I read with great interest

little shaun said...

I'm wondering if maybe your wife isn't keeping you in chastity long enough. In the beginning, a week is a horribly long time, but it should progress to a longer period. My wife has found that keeping me denied for three weeks at a time turns me into the husband of her dreams.

kept by 7 said...

Thank you for the reply little Shaun
I am sure Lo7 will find your observation interesting