Thursday, September 3, 2009

The New Life

Lo7 is pleased that I have seen the light! She has also become more comfortable in her role as "Queen,president and CEO" ,She is away for a few days so I thought a post to thank the commenter's and fellow blogger's for taking an interest in our journey and helping us along. Especially helping me realize the person I was with out even knowing it.In My head now , I see Lo7 with confidence making decisions taking control and delegating the tasks she does not need to do. I also see with the stubbornness and argument part of our lives gone is Harmony and less stress for Lo7. A recent post In the Blog "Fem Dom 101 , kathy made a very good point , The male ego has a way of sneaking up, I know this will happen to us and I know it will be a step backwards in our relationship. I think That if Lo7 can control the ego and I can make every effort to let that ego become a thing of the past life for us and our family will be bliss.
Thank you all again for your kind encouraging words, They helped us so much. I really want to make a habit of leaving a comment on all the blogs I read.


subservient-husband said...

Mr. KB7,

thank you for sharing. I find honest posts like yours so helpful to me in discovering my submissive nature to my wife.

Glad things are off to a good restart.


Richard said...

I think it becomes easier and easier as time goes on to just let those petty things go. As you have found it really leads toward a great environment and happier life.

Miss Honey said...

I can not express enough my pleasure at seeing this growth for you that seems to be such a positive thing. I check here often to see what is happening with you, so glad it is so good. :)