Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Easter Sunday Update
The Weekend did not have the excitement of a Female Dominated household that I am sure anyone following would like to read about. What it did have was Love and happy times, You see I did remind my lover on Thursday I was hers for the weekend and I really got into my "sub space " My goal was to please her and do all I could to make a Happy Easter! Now my lover fully understands and gets into the Kinky side of Fem Domme. The mental side of control which is a huge turn on for me, she is not sure where to go with it because I have trouble communicating this side of the lifestyle to her. I have asked another Domme woman with a blog if she could help us out, I was thinking that maybe another woman explaining Power to her may make it all make sense . Any way I will keep you all posted as our journey unfolds. And yes pictures will be coming! we both love to take kinky photos and post them for all to see .

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