Monday, April 27, 2009


I have been doing the homework Lo7 has requested, Reading Blogs and reporting to her things that may be important to a Domme/sub lifestyle. We both realize that we cant be into this 24/7 so rituals are very important.I have always served Lo7 tea in the morning, even before we started exploring this lifestyle, but this morning my daily tea delivery became my reminder of who really is in charge.Lo7 can do things with her tongue and hands that would drive any man wild(I think you know what I mean) anyway I was laying there eyes closed her tongue skillfully overpowering me when all the sudden she stopped and said get my tea hon! I jumped up and ran to put the kettle on and got right back, When I returned she was sitting up in bed smiling she then proceeded to inform me that we would not be finishing what we started and that I was to shower while the tea was steeping and then serve her, naked and hard! Hoping she would give in I obeyed, staying hard was not a problem knowing what her tongue Can do and the image of her sitting in bed with the confident I am queen look. I served her tea and stood naked waiting. She reached out and stroked my penis and I closed my eyes but the stroking was short and my eyes opened quickly when she informed me that I would not be cumming this morning. She went on to say that she noticed that when aroused I was very affectionate and doting, but when I came the affection was almost forced and I was not as accommodating. She implemented some changes into our morning tea ritual to keep me constantly aware of my status in our relationship. From today on I must serve her tea naked and hard, she also added that if I sensed her mood to be that of her not wanting to see me naked and hard then boxers where expected, she then went on to say that if my attitude was not to her liking naked and hard would be changed to panties and hard to remind me that control was a word I could not use to describe my part in our relationship.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy, isn't that wonderful.

Anonymous said...

wonderful report.

may i ask a question?
your countdown says: Time stops when Lady of 7 takes full control.

isn't She in full control already?

Anonymous said...

Great development, just watch out for that boiling water when your'e making her tea lol

whatevershesays said...

AAT...boiling water. LOL...Ouch. As far as I can tell, your interaction with your wife this morning was as near to "perfect" for me as it could ever get. Congratulations.

kept by 7 said...

Good question Appy
Actually , we are both learning and growing into this lovestyle. and yes the boiling water is watched very closely. I do encourage every one to open up and live the fantasy