Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Proof I will obey

In response to my lovers post. Thank You for your loving words and Yes i do fight my desires I think any Man,Human for that matter would fight for control.However some of us get a wonderful sexual high from giving up control.This should benefit both parties mine for the thrill and more importantly Yours for the Very deserving right to be treated like the Queen you are. I think deep down you are afraid you will get bored with "having it all" This is another reason I resist. I think we can both learn from others the "Thrill of the Hunt" and "Victory of the Capture" I know you know me very well and we both know i may be submissive but i am not "pussy whipped" !
That said i do have a suggestion to prove i will show my committed love to you and assign my own punishment for the lack of respect
How about this weekend on my short trip away. I wear the cage with a plastic serial number lock, I will take a camera and a cell and take pictures at your request of myself to prove i am wearing the device. What if i am in an accident ? well I think knowing the cage is in place will probably remind me to drive with extra caution! This could prove to be a very interesting and keep me very aware of the cage since I will be sharing a hotel room! to further make this interesting If you wish i will hold of cumming from now until you release me from the cage.
i love you LO7


Ladyof7 a veiw from the top said...

I'm quite pleased you recongnize your strengths and weakness's. I considered the cage for the weekend, this would have been too predictable! you are after all going away with our 14 yr old son with other dads and sons...were is the temptation. Anyhow, I will decide the punishment and will advise hold onto yourself and wait!
xoxox lo7

Miss Honey said...

Well said... Lof7