Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chasity devices

As we travel down the FLR road Lo7 is finding that having me not in a cage but instead free and hard is more to her liking. Control means that I must obey, period. The feeling of frustration as she brings me to the edge then stops is far more effective for our Domme/sub relationship than locking me up and not touching me. This free and hard chasity is also more of a mind control, I never know until the time cums if I will cuml! Lo7 may respond to my sexual advances and we may make Hot sweaty Love, or she may not! Either way in this lifestyle the choice is all hers, so our cage is a mind cage, my cock is there and hard but it is not for me to touch without Lo7's permission. I suppose she may make me use the plastic cage and lock as more of a punishment tool to remind me who runs the show, but I think we both would rather use the mind control Chastity to keep me locked up

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Anonymous said...

are you never tempted to masturbate when you are alone? if so your Mistress could use the chastity device to make it easier for you to abstain, as a favour to you i mean, not as a punishment.