Friday, April 3, 2009

New Beginings

This quote I borrowed from the Blog Femdom101 and thought it was fitting to start this post:

"It is often said that strong women want equally strong men. The answer is that takes a strong man to tell his wife of his need for female dominance. It takes an even stronger man to live the life of an obedient or slave husband."

To my Lover, Friend and Mistress
As I write this I realize we are drifting apart, I do not want that! You know me though, Stubborn Male Ego. I have a problem saying sorry or making the first move.
So Once again I turn to the Blog to help me communicate my thoughts. Here we go again, I know you are thinking "it's all about you" I thought I was the Mistress here and you are submissive. Well you are right and I have searched a lot of blogs and read and came up with a plan to get us back on track.
You know how much We both enjoy when we play the Mistress-Submissive on a sexual level. We seem really to connect and are very loving during these times. I get charged up being at your beck and call and can think of nowhere I would rather be. My plan is to do a trial in real life, say Easter weekend! From Thursday after work until Sunday night I will be completely Submissive to you. This will be interesting because there will be friends and family all weekend so it will be a total mind game and completely out of the bedroom, with the understanding that what you say goes without question! and that I absolutely must get your approval on everything YOU require. My appearance, what I eat, drink or any recreation time, spending etc. What makes this exciting for me is that it will be Our secret and thinking of it now I believe the weekend will be full of quick smiles and glances, touching fondling and stolen Kisses, as well as stern reminders of the situation. Sounds wonderful right? So what happens when my stubborn male ego kicks in? That is what you are probably thinking right now, because we both know it will probably show up at some point. Well that is where my recent blog searches have shed light to this problem.
Example 1: I read in one blog where a wife had the same problem, She was getting frustrated and confused with her husband's fantasies being "at his convenience." Let me stop and explain the male brain a bit here. Males who seek to be submissive to there wives/girl friends Have VERY STRONG CRAVINGS but after sexual release or some other event that kicks our egos back in control we revolt, but we know that this feeling to submit will come back and it seems that every time they get a little STRONGER.I think the women in these examples realize the feelings keep coming back and have come up with clever ways control this ego problem.
This Wife used a simple form of humiliation to correct the problem. The wife simply told the husband when he was in his submissive mode that if she sensed his stubbornness coming back from that point on She would simply say "time for the punishment panties" and that meant the ego had to go, and the husband wore a pair of panties during the day and a teddy at night to remind him of his Status at home until she was satisfied his ego was a bay . Plain and simple if he refused GAME OVER.
Example 2:
Again the wife is fed up with the submissive one minute stubborn the next, She solved this by Punishing him for poor behavior but most importantly following through EVERY TIME
for any infraction from domestic chore instructions not followed (Punishment was a strapping and then stand in the corner naked with a stinging Bum nose to the wall for her amusement) To keep his male ego in check he was required to ask every night if he may share HER bed. If She refused for ANY reason he was made to sleep on the floor at her feet, pillow and only a sheet. And like the last couple any resistance meant GAME OVER.
The incident that got my mind back on track I think you will remember. We where getting ready to return home from our weekend getaway with the kids Out of the blue you said "hold my purse while I use the rest room." I said just put it on the table I will watch it. As you where walking away you said "I said hold it" this was a turn on, But the bigger turn on and what made me fall in love with you more is the fact that you did not even turn around to see if I was holding it, you where confident I would obey and when you returned you thanked me, as if it was all normal. I wanted you so bad all the way home. That is why i think this could really help our relationship! I know the affection is crucial to us being one, and if that little incident is any example i will be thinking of ways to touch and be close to you 24/7 Easter weekend.
So I guess what i am saying is I want to prove my love to you and yes the submissiveness is a Strong part of me that keeps getting stronger ever since I shared it with you. I will gladly submit to all your requests, demands and punishments for the weekend.and come Sunday we can discuss How and to what level we want to proceed. I Love You Baby
Kept By7


Miss Honey said...

It is the Game Over that can be difficult to follow thru on. But I hope this time makes a difference in your lives and I am eager to see how this adventure comes to be.

Anonymous said...

i want females to take over my life an control it all kenny