Saturday, May 2, 2009


Lo7 was not impressed with my Chasity post, She reminded me that "SHE MAKES THE RULES" and even though at this time she does prefer me un caged that may change at any moment. Just to make sure I understood the cage went on after work Friday and she said it was on for a minimum 2 weeks.As we got ready for a retirement party Lo7 had a couple glasses of wine. Which made her become very playful and her mindset was very dangerous, She was teasing me constantly about being locked up and how when we danced she liked to feel cock against her. I was getting nervous and feeling jealous . A very sexy red dress, sheer stockings, black lacy panties and bra was what Lo7 was wearing this night. I know she will turn heads she always does, I was not sure I liked this I think Lo7 sensed this and came over to me as I was putting on my pants (no underwear to hold me in place as requested by Lo7) she kissed me hard on the mouth and grabbed my cage, Ah poor boy all locked up. I guess I will have to dance with some one else to feel cock tonight! I was horrified I knew she was teasing, but her saying those words made me so jealous, still my cock ached in it's cage. When we arrived I quickly take Lo7's coat get us a drink and find our table with some good friends. LO7 gave me a kiss and said thank you and as she grabbed my cage under the table and Whispered in my ear" I guess this thing really works in keeping you focused on me"! As we mingle and have a good time, I spend the night basically at her beck and call trying to please her and stay at her side. We kiss and hug more than usual. I slowly started to let my guard down until she whispers in my ear ,"look at that hottie" I bet he doesn't have his cock all locked up ! and as I look over I see Lo7 licking her lips as she fondles the key to my cock prison around her neck. Yum is all she says as gets up and walks towards him... Panicking I call but she says I will be right back. Never telling me that she knew this guy and his wife from work and he was happily married. From were I sit I see Lo7 smiling and talking I am mad with jealousy, flashes of Lo7 dressing go through my head I cant take it I get up and start toward her, just as I approach she turns and says Hi Hon hold my drink Jim asked me to dance . Dumbfounded I take her drink and stand watching her dance Lo7 is so sexy I am so jealous and turned on at the same time. Lo7 danced with what seemed like every male in the hall, most I swear where hitting on her. I was so happy when the lights came on. On the way home Lo7 said gee honey all the girls commented again on how attentive your are and how you are so doating over me ....grabbing my cage.... I guess your lucky I enjoy my big dildo and your tongue or you would be sleeping in the basement tonight.... ah and don't worry 2 weeks isn't really that long. As I came into our bedroom I noticed a ping pong paddle sitting next to the bed, Lo7 smiled and said OK now we must reinforce the punishment with a little pain, I think you have had nearly enough humiliation and torture tonight, she sat on a chair and had me undress and to finish my humiliation for the evening had me lay over her knee. She squeezed my cock and cage between her thighs and with every slap of the paddle on my ass I knew she was getting more turned on. I was in pain but at the same time my cock was aching to feel her thighs without the cage. The wine and the spanking had Lo7 so horny she dropped the paddle and pulled me by the hair in to her wet pussy I licked with all the skill I had learned from her and that was all I needed to do, she pushed me to the floor and almost ripped the cage off leaving the ring behind my balls my cock was red and hard and she road me to a hot,hot orgasm for both of us. Her last words before falling asleep where "don't ever assume you know how you will serve! we kissed and proclaimed our love to each other and went to sleep. Kb7


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a way to learn your lesson, the idea of being locked up whilst your wife takes you out dressed so provocatively, and teases you all night, your a lucky guy....!!!

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Miss Honey said...

And I am so happy to see how well Lof7 handled you... both literally and figuratively. Bravo.