Saturday, May 9, 2009

slave recieves kings treatment

Lo7 had her fun,She released me from the cage as she promised at 6:30 pm. She then proceeded to tease, a job she has become quite well at. Lo7 informed me I would not cum now but "maybe later", hard and following her like a puppy we did a few errands then we went out for dinner. During dinner, while teasing me with her foot under the table, Lo7 said that she decided I should wait until Sunday to cum! She laughed at the look on my face. ( I don't like to make these updates too long so I will keep to the point) Home and in bed the teasing continues... All the sudden Lo7 says"if you could cum ,how would you like it to happen? Before she could finish, Blow job was out of my mouth and my cock was in hers. It did not take long before I was shaking with pleasure from my ears to my toes . Lo7 used her tongue to bring me to the edge and then climbed on me with the heat and wetness of her hot pussy pushed me over. IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT not that I had a choice. As we lay in each others arms after Lo7 commented on how controlling me was really starting to make her wet and horny. She has also on a couple of occasions since then commented on how she OWNS my cock now! and has informed me exactly how she wants me shaved and that she wants me to get a piercing. I guess I am one of the lucky few men who have found the woman I have always dreamed of
I Love you Lo7


Miss Honey said...

"She has also on a couple of occasions since then commented on how she OWNS my cock now!"

It is just another toy in her bag to use for her pleasure when she decides.

Susan's Pet said...

A piercing requested by your mistress is a commitment from both of you. You may get off on the idea, and I don't blame you. Unless she plans and continues to take charge of the results, it is somewhat like putting a collar on a puppy and setting it loose on the street.