Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Question Period

As we journey down the road Of Female Led Lifestyle Questions often arise that we need to turn to the blog to answer. Today Lo7 asked what I was going to do for her that is non sexual?" I figured "tea time" is non sexual. L07 agreed, and made a good point that we had turned it sexual by me serving her naked and always hard. I was stumped, so I ask any followers for comments and experiences. In my fantasies serving was always of a sexual nature but in real life I suppose we have to have some day to day services and rituals that must be performed to solidify the FLR Lifestyle. I guess one question I must ask Lo7 is how much control do she want? I have been reviewing some of my favorite blogs and have learned services and rituals vary from the Female controlling Diet, alcohol and tobacco intake to finance and domestic duties. Then there is the body service, I can think of nothing more pleasurable than to take care of Lo7's feet, from massaging, painting toes,foot baths and kissing her pretty little toes. This may be deemed as sexual again as this is a turn on for me! How come my thoughts revert back to my desires, lo7 isn't as forthcoming with her desires as I am. Any thoughts or comments?


Ms. C said...

LOL...m and I ran into this very issue. And we decided he had been topping from the bottom by only performing sexual service and avoiding all other service. Without giving up complete control and living by my needs and whims alone, he was just playing at a FLR. So we have started anew and he is doing more chores, more body and foot service. And for my part, i am being much more straict about him avoiding the types of service he dislikes.

kept by 7 said...

Thank you Ms.C
Yes I guess I may be topping from the bottom to a certain extent. Interesting. And also thanks for reading. We also enjoy your blog

hersforever said...

If I may suggest... while it's true things like tea time or taking care of her feet are sexual for her, what is important is how she feels about them. If she enjoys tea time and wants it to not be sexual, then wear an apron while you serve it to her, or concentrate on making sure her needs are taken care of instead of the fact that you are hard while you serve.

I suppose for me it's easier because I'm in my belt so no matter how hot I find something to be, I can't get hard while I'm doing it unless I'm already out of the belt. I can do the dishes or sweep the floor or vacuum and as far as my penis is concerned it's the same thing as orally servicing her - it's locked up and the service is about the act of service, not necessarily about the sexual enjoyment I may or may not get out of it.