Thursday, May 14, 2009

Struggling to take control

Mixed messages is what I am hearing, and on your terms only. After reading a blog I had read I had made a comment to Kb7 about denying him for 5 weeks, an instant response came from his lips before he had a moment to think, "NO WAY! that's way too long" or the other morning just before Kb7 was about to leave for work, I began rubbing and messaging his manhood through his pants, he was feeling as though this was an invitation for a quickie, so I continued to lead him on. I rubbed the pre-cum over the tip of his penis until I could feel his legs tremble and body begin to shake. I stopped! "OH NO, that was cruel and unexpected"....Isn't this the name of the game!
Shouldn't Kb7 be grateful and appreciate whatever comes his way? Who decides what is fair and equitable behaviour? Who is calling the shots ? Still too much vanilla for my liking:)
Seems we get into this situation too often, how do we move forward?


Anonymous said...

Lo7 - If You are the Female leading this marriage, Your word is final. If there is something You desire from Kb7, he is obligated to provide it. i never appreciated what a full-on submission to my Princess would be like until we put it into action and She took firm control.

my P is very strict now, and i am helplessly in Her thrall. With each turn of the screw life becomes more like my fantasies. The reality is different from what i imagined, yet i have pledged my commitment. i would urge You to hold Kb7 to his commitment; he will thank You later.

Mistress L said...

Lo7 I play this game I made up with my slave called "Yes Mistress". I tie him to a chair and I ask him a series of questions, while teasing him in any way I can think of. I start out easy with things like "Am I your Mistress?" "Do you enjoy my company?" but quickly move to questions that should have opened ended answers such as "Tell me what you want me to do to you?" and then finally I throw questions in the mix that I know are definitely not a "Yes" like "Do you want to stop being my slave?" or "Would you like me to send you home now", etc.

You get the picture. The idea is to reinforce the fact that he is to say "Yes" to pretty much whatever I ask as long as it is within our limits.

He likes this game very much because he says it is difficult at first to say "Yes Mistress" to every question but afterward he feels better.

Maybe give this a try???