Saturday, September 5, 2009

An extra LONG weekend for Kb7...

I awoke this morning to our usual morning ritual of tea served to me in bed, Kb7 had picked some beautiful roses for me as an extra added touch of thoughtfulness. I could see through Kb7s boxers a bulge, I grabbed onto his crotch and gave a gentle squeeze, teasing with him that I can see I was missed while I was away over this past week. After tea and some teasing, I forewarned Kb7 that he was not permitted to cum, I told him to get something in his head that is a turn off for him. (I was a little evil and told him to think of one of his ex who repulses him. I know he was thinking of her because he literally went instantly soft in my hand!
I guided Kb7s hand between my legs, he moaned when he felt how wet and swollen I was. Kb7 worked his magic,I instructed kb7 to look at the pleasure all over my face, he sucked and licked me both gentle and hard, making sure my nipples were erect, I had one of the best orgasms, my body was trembling all over, I was extremely satisfied. Kb7 admitted me was afraid he was going to cum watching and listening to me, but was able to control himself, baby steps.
I plan on making a day or two of this, I know it should be longer but he has been trying so hard lately trying to get into his role as an obedient sub. One would have to know my man to truly appreciate how difficult my role is. Think of it as trying to put a pair of pants on a galloping horse!! Not entirely possible yet achievable!
One more detail, Kb7 attempted to paint my toe nails, so cute, he was shaking, his big hands holding onto my little toes, dripping red nail polish on my legs, a clothe under my feet, his hands and then he started to laugh! Red wasn't the best choice of nail polish for an amateur. I did a little fix up with some nail polish and a Q-tip. All in a days work training my sub. Good job baby x0

Enjoy the picture of my roses *wink


Her Majesty's Plaything said...

Hi Lo7:

Thanks for sharing this. It was a very sexy read! I confess I have never been able to get the toenail polish thing quite right either! ;-)



little shaun said...

Outstanding pic! He will get into his role the more he's kept in chastity.

shebsheb said...

Thank You Ma'am for the great post :) ... i enjoyed it immensely ... how i envy kb7 :)