Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Royal Room

As we move forward, My mind races. I find great relaxation lying dreaming of new exciting ways to define our roles in the FLR. I am not sure if Lo7 spend as much time as I do on this lifestyle but I know she is very impressed at how peaceful our lives have become since we both accepted our roles and are working on honing them. Last night when I was unwinding watching TV a thought came to me that I had never read in a blog and wanted to share it with our little community. In my Idea, fantasy,plan or whatever you want to call it, when Lo7 feels that our lives are slipping back to too much "vanilla" She need only call me and say we need to talk in the "Royal Room" this can be a designated room or any room she desires at any time. What this means in our FLR is that The Royal Room is where my Queen Is without question in full control and I may enter but must not sit unless instructed and must not speak unless asked a question. This is where Lo7 can talk and my most important task is to listen and understand.This is a way that when we are slipping off track Lo7 can use her power to get us back on without having to get mad or frustrated. This also gives me a chance to regroup and prove my submission to her and become a better listener.Of course this is my idea and I will have to have Lo7 read the post and she would decide if it is a good idea or not.
I would love to hear any comments on this

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subservient-husband said...

sounds like a good idea. I think it also shows growth that you recognized this to be an idea you liked, but needed approval/consideration from your wife. You could of tried to manipulate circumstances to get what you wanted, but instead you expressed your desire and openly acknowledged you wife is the one who will make the decision on if it will be put into practice.

It does sound like a good idea.