Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Training Continues

As you can see by Lo7's last post with picture it was a WLM weekend and slowly a new way of life for us. I cant count how many times during the weekend Lo7 brought me to the edge with her tongue , magic fingers and her wet hot womanhood, only to deny me the pleasure of orgasm and every time she did this it finished with me licking and massaging her to climax, then on with the day. I tried to explain to Lo7 the frustration/pleasure I got from being denied and she was ammused when just the sound of her cumming almost made me cum myself! When I finally was allowed release the pleasure was heaven and the amount of cum was proof to L07 that I was as turned on as she had ever seen me. I think Lo7 now realizes that this is a win win for both of us

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subservient-husband said...

Congratulations. So glad the restart is going so well for the two of you. Sounds like she has a better understanding that she only need keep you in check, enjoy herself, and you are happy as a result. As you say, win-win....