Friday, September 25, 2009

reality and comfort = a succesfully FLR

Lo7 and I are realizing that yes a FLR is very possible and very natural. That said I think that anyone trying to live this lifestyle must realize that it is a slow complicated process. We started this journey back in January when we started our blog. In our minds we have moved forward leaps and bounds, but in reality we are only baby steps in to this relationship. The key, we think to moving forward is both of us to be comfortable and secure in every new way of life. For instance Last night Lo7 introduced 3 new rules to our FLR life 1) I must Become more submissive in a loving way in our every day life. It must become a natural part of me. 2)I must never touch Lo7 unless I ask permission. 3)If we are fooling around and I feel myself close to cumming I must say "please stop" ( this is to teach me control of my , correction her penis! and adds a little humiliation to her control, making me say "please stop" instead of I am getting close.) To many readers I sure that this seems like a small thing but had Lo7 made these rules even a month ago I truly don't think it would have been achievable for either of us. We both look forward to our continuing Journey and as we move forward the hurdles that slowed the journey at the beginning seem to be less and less. O yes and Lo7 is quite proud that she is not as predictable as she once was ! I sit here typing Lo7 satisfied with an orgasm last night ,me not so lucky, after serving tea this morning I was sure that she would let me cum, but no she only played with my hard on and took great pleasure in hearing me say "please stop" several times. I think she was more pleased with the fact that I finally cant predict how she will "control" me


subservient-husband said...

sounds wonderful. You have to ask yourself, as you stand there obediently serving morning tea, what motivation does she have to permit you release when you are so obedient w/o?


Anonymous said...

yes, you are a lucky boy. :)

Anonymous said...

What a great step forward, most submissive desparately seek acknowledgement from theirn wives. What better way that to have to ask her to stop each time that she edges you, and then she decides on what happens next.

Ladyof7 a veiw from the top said...

I agree, one day at a time. Subervient, can you break your comment down just a little, I can't get my head around what you mean. No disrespect, I just don't get it.