Wednesday, January 28, 2009

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Be Careful what you wish for: How it began!
Talk of domination began a couple of years ago,not wanting to fall into "boring,& predictable married couple sex" we were looking to spice up our sex life to keep it interesting, (although there have never been any complaints) we both agreed that to keep the fire going we had to keep things fun and kinky. We decided to order some "toys" 1 toy in particular had been a secret fantasy of mine but my "Princess" had no idea. I was so nervous... First I showed her the Strap-on.. she loved this toy and was intrigued...which made me think she was as kinky as I was. Next came some dildos, penis rings and lube... We were both very excited, I held my breath and produced the cage, curiously she said "Whats that?" I explained to her how it was to lock up and control my penis. She was interested and had me try it on, but was not as excited as I had hoped for, so it went back in the box. Off and on we played with the cock cage but never any thing serious. You see in our Vanilla world I was very much in complete control of all aspects of my Life. The cage was my secret escape, a way to give up control and in my secret fantasies it was always wonderful. that loss of control became a fantasy I could not let go.WELL TO MAKE A LONG STORY SHORT..1 Day not too long ago we met at home for lunch, I was having a very stressful day and my Princess was feeling playful, well I made the mistake of turning down an invitation for a "quickie" and later that after noon I got a call from her at work... All she said was "Time for a cage match.." "what!!" I said.. "use you imagination"was her response and hung up! I was excited and scared at the time , I went home early and put on the cage for the first time for real. In my fantasies it always felt better , but as I locked in I tried to grow hard but could not , this made me want to be hard and cum. Again because in my fantasies I was usually masturbating and my brain always knew I would cum. Suddenly my fantasy was real. 24 hours was my first sentence and let me tell you it was long...
"We" decided to start a blog to let the world know of our journey and to learn from others
so that is the story to date.

The night our life changed

I think we all know who is really in control!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I really hope someone reads this Blog and comments, we are new to this and would love to hear your comments on this journey