Friday, August 20, 2010

Life is to short to be vanilla

With a few tragedies hitting close to home lately and every year getting a Little older my submissive side is fighting a little harder every day to live under more of LO7's control.The big question is will the Submissive me be happy when LO7 takes more control and will LO7 be happy being head of the household! I guess if we knew all the answers the journey would be kind of  boring !

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ideas I found for LO7

Handy Reference for the Dominant Wife Who Doesn't Mind Indulging in D/s Once In A While

A list of personally recommended domestic disciplinary procedures with helpful comments from practitioners and recipients, mostly extracted from the She Makes the Rules site.


Weekend Grounding - Friday evening until Monday morning he stays in the house and gets a long list of to-dos. All plans are cancelled no matter how long ago they were made. He won't forget to take out the trash again!

2.Porn Surfing
"She does control my surfing. One time she noticed that I had erased my history and she got upset. Since then, I am not allowed to erase the history and she'll do a spot check every once in a while. She said if I do, she will buy Net Nanny and install it. She knows I come to this site but I do not go to any other adult related sites anymore."

3.Cash Allowance 
"At first, the idea of my wife controlling all our finances was a turn on. Then it was a scary and humbling experience at the same time. I was sacred to leave myself so vulnerable as to entrust my future well being to another. I was also humbled by her control of my cash allowance and had to ask for her assistance when I needed it. Now the arrangement has become the norm."

"His commitment to chastity has special meaning because it deals with your control over his most fundamental pleasure of the human experience. The sexuality of chastity is blatantly the fact that a woman is controlling her husband's sexual it has extra powerful significance. For this reason, we tend to emphasize its importance to D/s relationships. However, although more sexually charged, it is really no different than any other routine, task, or challenge to which a submissive husband is compelled to comply."

"Many women find that a man becomes more willing to please, becomes more submissive, when he has gone without an orgasm for a period of time."


Corporal discipline should be given in a firm and authoritative tone indicative of training or to bring attention to an inappropriate behavior. Never give corporal discipline in anger. 

"This isn't something she's done to me much, maybe a half dozen times at the most.  It is all about power and submission, and she really gave it to me. This was the most physically aggressive she had ever been toward me. Physically it was very uncomfortable for me, and somewhat humiliating, but psychologically and emotionally it was wonderful."

3.Corner time
"As much as I hate standing in the corner, we find it to be an effective part of discipline. It most likely is assigned before and after a spanking and is always pants lowered, usually for 10 - 30 minutes, no bottom rubbing or speaking (unless spoken to) allowed. I have to hold my testicles while in the corner one in each hand. 
While I generally resent being sent there, after a few minutes, I find myself reflecting on what got me there and how dumb I was to do whatever it was I did to end up with a red bottom, standing in the corner, while she is off watching television, chatting with friends on the phone, or just doing normal things. But if its before she spanks me I get really nervous."

Is he whining or talking back to you? Good old soap in the mouth works wonders. 
Put a bar of soap between his teeth and make him hold it there until you are finished with him.

5.Restricting clothes
Prevent him from wearing any clothes or give him embarrassing clothes to wear such as a colorful house dress. 

6.CB3000 with insert.
No self-control? Erections will be the last thing he'll want with the spiky 'points of intrigue' inserted.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

FLM wins

LO7 and I both agree we are happiest and at Peace when we are living the FLM lifestyle.
Our biggest problem is me staying submissive which keeps LO7 dominant. I guess it is not natural for either of us so we really need to communicate and get back on track, which is what we promised each other we would do starting as soon as LO7 get back from her camping trip. We would love to hear ANY suggestions or experiences in this lifestyle that may help us stay focused 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

a week at the beach

LO7 will be away camping at a local lake for a week. I will not be joining her but if i was i imagine this picture would explain my duties