Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fed up...

Usually when you hear from Kb7 it is pre-fantasy or post fantasy. Kb7 is generally seeking advise how to fix his BAD behavior or asking for the appropriate punishment. Well the punishment is not really a punishment it is what he desires, so are we really helping or condoning his behavior?
This is a lifestyle I was approached with and consented to, why is it such a continuously fight and struggle? kb7 flip flops between vanilla and the true blue person he really is. I get used to the loving , attentive, doting pussy whipped slave one day and then I get the stubborn, sarcastic and sometime verbally mean man I am married to.
I have instructed Kb7 to make his confession public to our loyal will be the judge and jury.
The other morning I stopped by the office to start a little tease session with Kb7, I was wearing my skinny jeans with my black suede over the Knee boots, black Lacy Victoria Secret push up bra under my new Lacy sheer black blouse....when I walked in the door Kb7 was obviously agitated, I was put off by his rejection. I walked back to the door said I was going Christmas shopping, he said yeah see ya! I said "gee this submissive lifestyle is sure working for you hey?" KB7 told me to "SHUT UP!" ....Let the jury decide .
I continuously struggle for power, our vanilla lifestyle is much more peaceful yet not full confused and frustrated!
LO7 xo

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Daily"Vanilla" Reminder

LO7 is away this weekend, I love it when we are connected and I really feel the love and truly miss her.
I have been thinking of ways to stay this close and think that maybe a "Vanilla Daily Ritual" might help to remind us of our rolls and no matter what the mood of either of us this simple task must be completed and hopefully it will be enough to keep both of us focused on each other. I am looking for ideas it could be something very simple, or something a little more complex I am open to suggestions

Friday, November 19, 2010

No Pictures

LO7 Promised pictures of our recent whipping session, I must apologize for them not being here. Under strict orders not to cum, I came ! this upset LO7 and our play ended for the night. LO7 will be posting about this soon

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Next Level

Life really throws the curve balls when you expect a strike.LO7and I have had some real tough times connecting over the last few months, so our FLR went right out the window, Reading through our older posts I realize that maybe we should have read the comments a little more carefully. I think that when we are connected and in the lifestyle peace and harmony just happen. I would like to have that peace and I know LO7 would as well, So once again I will ask how can we go to a higher level of FLR and live a peace full loving lifestyle and take a few of the escape routes My stubborn self seems to find when I don't like the way things are going.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

We are still here

So Sorry
Life has got us on the run
How do some of our fellow bloggers find the time to keep so up to date?