Thursday, April 22, 2010

Her pleasure first always

I don’t consider myself and Superman a fair comparison, I do not fear kryptonite!
Seriously I think the comic portrays submissive men accurately. We spend our Lives as the “male superhero protector” But our queen’s know we answer to them without hesitation. LO7, my queen gets frustrated when I slip into my Vanilla ways, orgasm denial is used to keep me focused. Lo7 may get frustrated but I also get frustrated because as I slip to the Vanilla side so too does she.As I sit here reading other Blogs and writing today I feel myself slipping back into the role I love… Servant Husband to the head of the household .. LO7.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Not Letting Up

LO7 is going to be sure that Submissive kb7 is the front and center personality she can expect at any time. Last night when she saw a hint of the old me coming out at the dinner table she gave me a look that needed no words, later out of earshot from the kids she reinforced her look by saying "Clean up then 10 minutes with the pocket pussy NO Cumming" Again I returned to the Subkb7 she has grown to love. I wanted to make love to my wife in the worst way , but knew the pocket pussy was the only pussy I would get this night!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Red Panties and Denial

LO7 noticed my transformation back into the sarcastic ,stubborn man before I even realized I was changing. That's why I was surprised when she pulled my red panties out and said "wear these today".. Right away I realized I was slipping out of my sub-zone when instead of being excited I only thought of how careful I would have to be all day bending and how Humiliated I would feel just talking to the guys knowing our secret. Wanting to please I put them on and within seconds LO7 commented on my hard-on. the feeling of my cock against the lace turned my brain right back into the sub zone. For the remainder of the day Badk struggled with Subk for control... We all know that Subk, won but just to make sure I understood that badk was not going to be tolerated LO7 went right from the red pantie punishment to tease and denial punishment taking me to the edge then with a wicked grin said "be careful what you wish for"... So today I am once again the Sub man that adores and worships my LO7

Monday, April 5, 2010

Natural Order

Our Lives have become very peaceful and loving. It is almost to easy, 1 person in the relationship is in full control (LO7) and the other lovingly follows the lead of his partner. I think most couples could learn from our relationship, but unfortunately I don't think our friends would understand how right it is to live in a female led relationship. So once again LO7 and I are taking baby steps and are hoping to meet others through the blog who live this lifestyle, Online first from anywhere in the world and hopefully in person one day in British Columbia and Washington State. I think it would be nice to finally go out to dinner with a couple and enjoy a fun evening talking and openly living the life of a submissive husband to my queen.