Friday, May 29, 2009


With the Children full swing in sports, life especially ours takes a back seat.
I have been following other blogs and appreciate that we are not the only couple struggling with this lifestyle. I struggle mentally being a male raised to hide all emotion, be strong and lead at all costs. Lo7 struggle with the fact that I have confessed my submissiveness to her but it seems to be on My terms. I truly Love lo7 and want to prove I can live this lifestyle we have come to enjoy.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Attitude Adjustment

After an evening of too many sarcastic remarks and plenty of warnings that I might be caged come Saturday morning...I'm caged! Lo7 was getting ready in our en suite, she was bent over the sink in her lacy black thong, I came up behind her and started pumping from behind, she was amused with my frustration, not being able to feel the lace through the hard plastic, had me take this picture to have etched in my mind until I am able to release or get released! Me and my big mouth!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Struggling to take control

Mixed messages is what I am hearing, and on your terms only. After reading a blog I had read I had made a comment to Kb7 about denying him for 5 weeks, an instant response came from his lips before he had a moment to think, "NO WAY! that's way too long" or the other morning just before Kb7 was about to leave for work, I began rubbing and messaging his manhood through his pants, he was feeling as though this was an invitation for a quickie, so I continued to lead him on. I rubbed the pre-cum over the tip of his penis until I could feel his legs tremble and body begin to shake. I stopped! "OH NO, that was cruel and unexpected"....Isn't this the name of the game!
Shouldn't Kb7 be grateful and appreciate whatever comes his way? Who decides what is fair and equitable behaviour? Who is calling the shots ? Still too much vanilla for my liking:)
Seems we get into this situation too often, how do we move forward?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Question Period

As we journey down the road Of Female Led Lifestyle Questions often arise that we need to turn to the blog to answer. Today Lo7 asked what I was going to do for her that is non sexual?" I figured "tea time" is non sexual. L07 agreed, and made a good point that we had turned it sexual by me serving her naked and always hard. I was stumped, so I ask any followers for comments and experiences. In my fantasies serving was always of a sexual nature but in real life I suppose we have to have some day to day services and rituals that must be performed to solidify the FLR Lifestyle. I guess one question I must ask Lo7 is how much control do she want? I have been reviewing some of my favorite blogs and have learned services and rituals vary from the Female controlling Diet, alcohol and tobacco intake to finance and domestic duties. Then there is the body service, I can think of nothing more pleasurable than to take care of Lo7's feet, from massaging, painting toes,foot baths and kissing her pretty little toes. This may be deemed as sexual again as this is a turn on for me! How come my thoughts revert back to my desires, lo7 isn't as forthcoming with her desires as I am. Any thoughts or comments?

Saturday, May 9, 2009

slave recieves kings treatment

Lo7 had her fun,She released me from the cage as she promised at 6:30 pm. She then proceeded to tease, a job she has become quite well at. Lo7 informed me I would not cum now but "maybe later", hard and following her like a puppy we did a few errands then we went out for dinner. During dinner, while teasing me with her foot under the table, Lo7 said that she decided I should wait until Sunday to cum! She laughed at the look on my face. ( I don't like to make these updates too long so I will keep to the point) Home and in bed the teasing continues... All the sudden Lo7 says"if you could cum ,how would you like it to happen? Before she could finish, Blow job was out of my mouth and my cock was in hers. It did not take long before I was shaking with pleasure from my ears to my toes . Lo7 used her tongue to bring me to the edge and then climbed on me with the heat and wetness of her hot pussy pushed me over. IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT not that I had a choice. As we lay in each others arms after Lo7 commented on how controlling me was really starting to make her wet and horny. She has also on a couple of occasions since then commented on how she OWNS my cock now! and has informed me exactly how she wants me shaved and that she wants me to get a piercing. I guess I am one of the lucky few men who have found the woman I have always dreamed of
I Love you Lo7

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Just as Lo7 Promised

Just a quick update
Yes I am in The Chastity cage and Yes I was taken to the edge and no Lo7 did not let me cum Last night! At lunch today I mentioned how I could not wait for my release time (6:30PM) Lo7 looked at me smiled and said "now wouldn't that be too predictable to let you out when I said I would". Oh no what have I done free and hard is so much more comfortable

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Caged vs Hard, Denial vs Orgasm

I seem to have opened a can of worms. Since I introduced Lo7 to this lifestyle we have learned together about Chasity and Denial. Lo7 although confident and naturally dominant she is also very Loving, nurturing and always wanting to please everyone. I had fantasies of Chastity and bought a cage. Lo7's take on Chastity was that it was a punishment and did not like me to have it on much, Just as her take on Denial was that it was almost cruel! This was a relief to me because in my fantasies I was still hard thinking about being caged but actually being in the cage was frustrating and some what uncomfortable. Well My last Chastity post and a post by Miss Honey Has changed Lo7's way of thinking. Last night as she worked her fingers on my hard cock she explained how she had been thinking that maybe Chastity was not a punishment but more of a training tool. She kept playing with me letting it sink in blocking any attempts by me to fondle her hard very responsive nipples... And maybe denial was OK because it sure kept my mind on her pleasure. Well Long story short she drove me to the edge many times not letting me cum and then would not let me touch her as she brought herself to an explosive orgasm, only letting me get her a warm cloth to clean up. I made one huge mistake, after we had cuddled up to each other she started stroking me saying ,I cant go to sleep without you cumming, I smiled and said I knew it! lo7 sat up and said Am I that predictable? I scrambled No I just knew you would want to please me. Her hand came off me as she lay back down. Come to think of it I like you better before you cum.. so go to sleep and don't try anything . Well needless to say it was a long night and in the morning Lo7 was quick to start playing with me again. She teased then had me serve her tea.She said I had a choice, wear the cage today and be free and hard tomorrow or the opposite free and hard today cage tomorrow. I chose cage tomorrow because I am hoping she will let me cum tonight, so the strain of a hard on against the cage will not be as bad. Lo7 is very interested in denial and Chasity now and has asked me to publish this post to get some feed back on how other Domme women use these tools to "make better husbands".
PS A sarcastic thank you to Miss Honey for peaking Lo7's interest in the cage

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Lo7 was not impressed with my Chasity post, She reminded me that "SHE MAKES THE RULES" and even though at this time she does prefer me un caged that may change at any moment. Just to make sure I understood the cage went on after work Friday and she said it was on for a minimum 2 weeks.As we got ready for a retirement party Lo7 had a couple glasses of wine. Which made her become very playful and her mindset was very dangerous, She was teasing me constantly about being locked up and how when we danced she liked to feel cock against her. I was getting nervous and feeling jealous . A very sexy red dress, sheer stockings, black lacy panties and bra was what Lo7 was wearing this night. I know she will turn heads she always does, I was not sure I liked this I think Lo7 sensed this and came over to me as I was putting on my pants (no underwear to hold me in place as requested by Lo7) she kissed me hard on the mouth and grabbed my cage, Ah poor boy all locked up. I guess I will have to dance with some one else to feel cock tonight! I was horrified I knew she was teasing, but her saying those words made me so jealous, still my cock ached in it's cage. When we arrived I quickly take Lo7's coat get us a drink and find our table with some good friends. LO7 gave me a kiss and said thank you and as she grabbed my cage under the table and Whispered in my ear" I guess this thing really works in keeping you focused on me"! As we mingle and have a good time, I spend the night basically at her beck and call trying to please her and stay at her side. We kiss and hug more than usual. I slowly started to let my guard down until she whispers in my ear ,"look at that hottie" I bet he doesn't have his cock all locked up ! and as I look over I see Lo7 licking her lips as she fondles the key to my cock prison around her neck. Yum is all she says as gets up and walks towards him... Panicking I call but she says I will be right back. Never telling me that she knew this guy and his wife from work and he was happily married. From were I sit I see Lo7 smiling and talking I am mad with jealousy, flashes of Lo7 dressing go through my head I cant take it I get up and start toward her, just as I approach she turns and says Hi Hon hold my drink Jim asked me to dance . Dumbfounded I take her drink and stand watching her dance Lo7 is so sexy I am so jealous and turned on at the same time. Lo7 danced with what seemed like every male in the hall, most I swear where hitting on her. I was so happy when the lights came on. On the way home Lo7 said gee honey all the girls commented again on how attentive your are and how you are so doating over me ....grabbing my cage.... I guess your lucky I enjoy my big dildo and your tongue or you would be sleeping in the basement tonight.... ah and don't worry 2 weeks isn't really that long. As I came into our bedroom I noticed a ping pong paddle sitting next to the bed, Lo7 smiled and said OK now we must reinforce the punishment with a little pain, I think you have had nearly enough humiliation and torture tonight, she sat on a chair and had me undress and to finish my humiliation for the evening had me lay over her knee. She squeezed my cock and cage between her thighs and with every slap of the paddle on my ass I knew she was getting more turned on. I was in pain but at the same time my cock was aching to feel her thighs without the cage. The wine and the spanking had Lo7 so horny she dropped the paddle and pulled me by the hair in to her wet pussy I licked with all the skill I had learned from her and that was all I needed to do, she pushed me to the floor and almost ripped the cage off leaving the ring behind my balls my cock was red and hard and she road me to a hot,hot orgasm for both of us. Her last words before falling asleep where "don't ever assume you know how you will serve! we kissed and proclaimed our love to each other and went to sleep. Kb7

Tea Time

Rise and shine its time for my tea. What a great view watching Kb7s bare red bottom disappear around the corner off to the kitchen to prepare my tea. What a fabulous night we had last night, Kb7 plans to share the details. As I was laying waiting for tea, I reflected back on the night and began to please myself, wanting Kb7 to come back and watch I heard the washing machine go on! LAUNDRY...whats on his mind! I continue to become more aroused and began playing with my nipples, I couldn't believe how turned on I was, given the fact we had hot kinky sex until the wee hours of the morning! Kb7 appeared with my tea in the nice little pot I picked up from the antique shop, my favorite china cup and the beautiful cream and sugar china set which had once belonged to kb7s mom all neatly arranged on a tray. The look of Kb7s hard on had me wanting him back inside me, that would be too predictable and what Kb7 would have wanted. I had him stand beside the bed and I began stroking and rubbing his pre-cum over the head and just behind his head, that always sends Kb7 into uncontrollable twitching...yum! I aloud Kb7 to set the tray down, good idea! Continuing to please myself, by know I am wet and dripping. I guess it is true the more you get the more you want. Kb7 tried to climb in bed and touch, I informed him he wasn't aloud to touch me, I was for my own pleasures this morning. I brought myself to an explosive orgasm, Kb7 was pushing himself into my hand....wanting for me to continue on so he would cum. Denial has begun, I pulled my hand away and gave him the "evil smile" he knows oh so well, and informed him that he is much more attentive and submissive when he has only two things in his head, me and the desire for me to allow him to cum. Time to get busy, we have a lot to get done today. Happy Saturday.Lo7