Monday, June 29, 2009

we are alive

Just a quick note and pantie shot I had on file from a boys weekend, We are alive and I am going to make a point of updating this blog regularly

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Slowly but surely taking control..

The saga continues...This has become a huge undertaking, not an easy task to take control, particularly when Kb7 continues to fight it all the way. As Kb7 reveals his inner thoughts and the hurdles he needs to get over through our blog I can see improvements, we still have along way to go. Kb7 finds comfort in knowing other couples have the same struggles, but this is no excuse however.
June is a busy month with the kids sports, let me explain these pictures. For those of you who have been following our blogs you will recall the last weekend away with the boys and the requirement to wear the red lace panties I had packed and a picture as proof.
I sent Kb7 on his way after a very hot blow job, sucking, rubbing and licking him until his man hood was swollen and throbbing... the twist of course he wasn't allowed release. Kb7 laughed and wasn't completely surprised, I hope I'm not becoming too predictable! This weekend was a little different than the last game away, he had to share a bed with another dad. I instructed Kb7 what to wear the red lacy panties during the entire day, taking a picture of his butt (pretty cute in red lace), he didn't take a picture of his rock hard manhood and the pre-cum on the panties as I had instructed. His excuse came to light last night, he was afraid one of the roommates would hear the camera, and he nearly didn't obey at all and was prepared for the consequences of disobeying. STRIKE ONE!
Lat night I was teasing again, with my fingers and mouth, gently rubbing his hard cock barely touching it as I moved my hand up and down his shaft, as he began to pump and attempt to push himself against my hand, I told Kb7 he was not allowed to cum. Kb7 said I had better stop playing because he was getting dangerously close, I continued to caress and rub the cum over the top and down the shaft, at which time Kb7 began to moan and tremble, I pulled my hand away and said that is enough for tonight. Too late, Kb7 moaned OMG I'm cumming...STRIKE TWO! Of course I was expecting instant vanilla.
This morning, I teased again, half hearted as the tease is never as intense after you get release. To my surprise, Kb7 was hard and ready to go, I had Kb7 tease and tickle me until I came, Kb7 was denied.
I'm reaching out for some ideas, how long should I make him wait this time. Kb7 will be away again this weekend, any ideas? We get feedback and value all comments.
The red lacy panties hav ebecome the travelling panties.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

on the eighth day

Today I was allowed to cum after a friendly bet and winning by 1 stroke on the golf course. Of coarse not before our morning TEAse and a drive to the course with my hard cock exposed for Lo7s enjoyment, and endless teasing and rubbing on the course and then the long teasing ride home and finally some penis punishment and Pussy worship before I exploded in Lo7 hot pussy

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day 7 No Release

Lo7 has taken her control to a new level, While we are still feeling out our respective places in the FLR way of life one solid fact has been established. I am much more attentive to Lo7's needs before I cum. This is nothing new to report and I think any FLR couple would say the same thing!
This is a reality Lo7 is realizing first hand. Lo7 is a very strong and giving, nurturing person and up until a couple of months ago, although Dominating and threatening long term denial, she was careful to make sure I was always sexually satisfied. This morning as I stood beside the bed pouring her tea, she proceeded to work her magic fingers on my hard pleading cock! As the pre- cum oozed and her fingers swirled the head of my cock, my legs shook and I could feel the pleasure, that I needed to feel so badly building. Lo7 read my body perfectly and as my cock started to swell and my eyes closed and body pushed into her hand, she Stopped! My eyes shot open and Her smile told me once again she was starting to enjoy this. Feeling playful she started again, within seconds the pleasure was back,(Lo7 has never gone this many days of bringing me to the edge and stopping) For the first time I was really not the one in control, I really did not know if I would cum today. Desperate for release I said to Lo7 "Please let me cum and I will gladly put the cage or panties on to keep my submissive side attentive to You. My knees where shaking and once again she stopped. When I looked at her this time I could see her mind racing,it was like a light went on in her head. My desperation for release that made me blurt out this promise may just be the start to our FLR out of the bedroom training program. Lo7 told me to get dressed and as I was getting ready for the day I could see her sipping her tea, thinking! I also was thinking! Right now i would gladly lock up or wear panties to feel the pleasure of Orgasm, but I know I wont be so willing once I cum.
I did ask Lo7 to post a message as I am sure everyone is getting tired of hearing my side all the time.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Who Knew Being Submissive was not as easy as in my Fantasies

Life in my head was a dream world, Lo7 took control and my little head was happy and submissive!
The reality of it is not quite like the fantasy! For the last few weeks I seem to have lost interest in the Blog and my submissive side seemed to be having trouble coming out naturally. This was frustrating to me and especially Lo7 who was enjoying the submissive kb7's doting loving ways. It took a chat with Miss Honey to straighten my "big head" out. I explained to Miss Honey the frustration Lo7 and myself were feeling. At this point I must say that I am probably the luckiest man alive to have a patient understanding loving woman like Lo7 who is working so hard to make my fantasy a reality. Upon chatting with Miss Honey she helped me realize why I had been losing my submissive desires. I was a submissive that was totally in control and Lo7 was doing everything I wanted to fulfill my submissive sexual fantasies. When I close my eyes I get excited and very submissive picturing Lo7 dressed Like the professional woman she is, confidence oozing from her knowing she is in complete control. At first Miss Honey's Suggestions did not really make my little head happy, but the more I realized I was topping from the bottom the more I realized she was absolutely right and my visions of Lo7 put me right back in my submissive state(along with Lo7's decision to bring me to the edge every morning this week but not allow orgasm). Below is a list of Miss Honey Suggestions
1) Take the sex out of the Dominance for now.
2) Lo7 should not be denied, so my tongue , toys or any way Lo7 requires pleasure she will have it.
3) Denial may not be necessary Masturbating at Lo7's discretion in a dark room with no stimulation may prove to be a use full training tool.
4) Lo7 should explore what brings her pleasure from a Female Led Lifestyle and spend time training me providing her pleasure to truly bring out my submissive side. This could be as simple as preparing a cup of tea and listening to how her day went. Or extreme like kneeling while she eats and waiting and eating the scraps from her plate when she is finished. What ever she wants.
Lo7 knows I am writing this and I hope it helps her to understand her power over me.
I guess we will have to wait and see
Thank you Miss Honey