Thursday, November 12, 2009

Back on Track

Lo7 arrived home to me in my Panties and clean shaven. I felt happy to have shown her I love for her to take control. Skip ahead to Friday night. I have Upset Lo7 3 times today, Instead of using her control Lo7 gets mad and this makes me mad and the whole night is almost ruined.Together after some talk we re-group the night ends with a hot kissing session and LO7 cumming 2 times, kb7 0

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Double Secret Probation

LO7 is going out of town for the night tonight and wont be back until late tomorrow afternoon she may or may not read this post before she goes. 3 things that I must do while she is gone, Shave "Her" cock and balls, wear the Red panties while she is out of town and No Alcohol. The reasons I am doing these is I think LO7 is testing me, the other night she asked why I was not clean shaven, my reply was weak and her only words were "I should not have to tell you I have told you once to stay clean shaven". Last night as I helped her with the Laundry she said while I am gone wear the red Panties.
After while I was having a glass of wine she suggested I switch to water. All these comments were made in passing and she did not demand, but more suggest that I follow her instructions So November 11 will be a day of Remembering the Troops who Fought for our freedom and the Day kb7 used his brain and listened to my queen.

Monday, November 9, 2009

2 steps forward 4 steps back

I think any one in any relationship has these ups and downs, When it is a "different from the norm" it just magnifies. For L07 and I both being stubborn it makes it even worse. The more we disagree the more L07 moves out of the FLR mode which in turn drives my sub side right out the window. I know this should never happen if we are truly living an FLR lifestyle is what you are thinking now! We are man and Woman exploring a lifestyle that has been in my fantasies for a long time and is very new to LO7. Reading Blogs like "Being her Knight" I have learned something about myself, LO7 Likes my submissive side, what triggers my submissive side is her taking control, not getting mad just being dominant. The mad side of her only makes me defensive. So I guess to continue down this path I must learn to keep my sub side to the front and LO7 , well she just needs to put her foot down instead of putting up with my "stubborn side"