Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Royal Room

As we move forward, My mind races. I find great relaxation lying dreaming of new exciting ways to define our roles in the FLR. I am not sure if Lo7 spend as much time as I do on this lifestyle but I know she is very impressed at how peaceful our lives have become since we both accepted our roles and are working on honing them. Last night when I was unwinding watching TV a thought came to me that I had never read in a blog and wanted to share it with our little community. In my Idea, fantasy,plan or whatever you want to call it, when Lo7 feels that our lives are slipping back to too much "vanilla" She need only call me and say we need to talk in the "Royal Room" this can be a designated room or any room she desires at any time. What this means in our FLR is that The Royal Room is where my Queen Is without question in full control and I may enter but must not sit unless instructed and must not speak unless asked a question. This is where Lo7 can talk and my most important task is to listen and understand.This is a way that when we are slipping off track Lo7 can use her power to get us back on without having to get mad or frustrated. This also gives me a chance to regroup and prove my submission to her and become a better listener.Of course this is my idea and I will have to have Lo7 read the post and she would decide if it is a good idea or not.
I would love to hear any comments on this

Friday, September 25, 2009

reality and comfort = a succesfully FLR

Lo7 and I are realizing that yes a FLR is very possible and very natural. That said I think that anyone trying to live this lifestyle must realize that it is a slow complicated process. We started this journey back in January when we started our blog. In our minds we have moved forward leaps and bounds, but in reality we are only baby steps in to this relationship. The key, we think to moving forward is both of us to be comfortable and secure in every new way of life. For instance Last night Lo7 introduced 3 new rules to our FLR life 1) I must Become more submissive in a loving way in our every day life. It must become a natural part of me. 2)I must never touch Lo7 unless I ask permission. 3)If we are fooling around and I feel myself close to cumming I must say "please stop" ( this is to teach me control of my , correction her penis! and adds a little humiliation to her control, making me say "please stop" instead of I am getting close.) To many readers I sure that this seems like a small thing but had Lo7 made these rules even a month ago I truly don't think it would have been achievable for either of us. We both look forward to our continuing Journey and as we move forward the hurdles that slowed the journey at the beginning seem to be less and less. O yes and Lo7 is quite proud that she is not as predictable as she once was ! I sit here typing Lo7 satisfied with an orgasm last night ,me not so lucky, after serving tea this morning I was sure that she would let me cum, but no she only played with my hard on and took great pleasure in hearing me say "please stop" several times. I think she was more pleased with the fact that I finally cant predict how she will "control" me

Friday, September 11, 2009

Domestic Servitude

Lo7 is very Particular! She was out visiting friends the other night , phoned and asked me to put a frozen pizza in the oven and she would be home shortly.The Kids were with their other parents so it was just us for the night. I was hungry tired and had worked late and had a few glasses of wine when I got home,
The pizza went in and My first mistake was using a tea towel to take it out then cutting the pizza to see if it was done and putting it back in , taking it out when it was ready I noticed the cheese and sauce had dripped into the oven and sauce was all over the towel. hungry and mellow from the wine I cut my pizza and ate leaving the tea towel on the counter and filling my wine. Lo7 came home and The sound of her voice as she called me to the kitchen made me jump. Until this point our FLR has only been in the bedroom,but that was about to change! Explaining that she had just cleaned the oven days earlier and that I knew better than to use a tea towel. Lo7 surprised me when instead of being mad asked me to go and get one of the kids ping pong paddles. It was not until I was coming back up the basement stairs that I realized what was going to happen next. Lo7 's first words when I arrived in the kitchen, "there is no negotiating here, strip" Excited, scared, embarrassed I laughed and she just stood not even cracking a smile . I removed my clothes and was starting to get nervous. "Hands straight out against the wall legs apart" was all she said. In this position I closed my eyes as she rubbed the paddle against my ass cheek, " This is turning you on" she said as she could not help but notice my cock growing. "well tonight is not about the pleasure that's for sure" she said, I could not believe when the first paddle hit my butt. 5 more on each cheek and Lo7 kissed me and said clean this mess up then come and watch TV with me. Needless to say I did exactly as I was told.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Training Continues

As you can see by Lo7's last post with picture it was a WLM weekend and slowly a new way of life for us. I cant count how many times during the weekend Lo7 brought me to the edge with her tongue , magic fingers and her wet hot womanhood, only to deny me the pleasure of orgasm and every time she did this it finished with me licking and massaging her to climax, then on with the day. I tried to explain to Lo7 the frustration/pleasure I got from being denied and she was ammused when just the sound of her cumming almost made me cum myself! When I finally was allowed release the pleasure was heaven and the amount of cum was proof to L07 that I was as turned on as she had ever seen me. I think Lo7 now realizes that this is a win win for both of us

Saturday, September 5, 2009

An extra LONG weekend for Kb7...

I awoke this morning to our usual morning ritual of tea served to me in bed, Kb7 had picked some beautiful roses for me as an extra added touch of thoughtfulness. I could see through Kb7s boxers a bulge, I grabbed onto his crotch and gave a gentle squeeze, teasing with him that I can see I was missed while I was away over this past week. After tea and some teasing, I forewarned Kb7 that he was not permitted to cum, I told him to get something in his head that is a turn off for him. (I was a little evil and told him to think of one of his ex who repulses him. I know he was thinking of her because he literally went instantly soft in my hand!
I guided Kb7s hand between my legs, he moaned when he felt how wet and swollen I was. Kb7 worked his magic,I instructed kb7 to look at the pleasure all over my face, he sucked and licked me both gentle and hard, making sure my nipples were erect, I had one of the best orgasms, my body was trembling all over, I was extremely satisfied. Kb7 admitted me was afraid he was going to cum watching and listening to me, but was able to control himself, baby steps.
I plan on making a day or two of this, I know it should be longer but he has been trying so hard lately trying to get into his role as an obedient sub. One would have to know my man to truly appreciate how difficult my role is. Think of it as trying to put a pair of pants on a galloping horse!! Not entirely possible yet achievable!
One more detail, Kb7 attempted to paint my toe nails, so cute, he was shaking, his big hands holding onto my little toes, dripping red nail polish on my legs, a clothe under my feet, his hands and then he started to laugh! Red wasn't the best choice of nail polish for an amateur. I did a little fix up with some nail polish and a Q-tip. All in a days work training my sub. Good job baby x0

Enjoy the picture of my roses *wink

Friday, September 4, 2009

What the heck?

With anything new you have ups and downs! We are both so pleased with our feedback from subs and dommes who can relate to the struggles getting this lifestyle going and to keep it going. We have discovered it isn't always easy and doesn't come as naturally as we had anticipated, it encouraging when we receive feedback from all of you others share the same bumps and hurdles as we do.
To be honest I had to have Kb7 explain what sub, dommes and FLR all meant, so you can imagine what a "virgin" I am to this, and I do use that word loosely!
I have recently joined a forum, I am just feeling my way before I ask to bring up a topic to discuss, like any new relationship or friendship I always like to take it slow and easy and not be too pushy. Kind of hypocritical for a woman who is trying to gain control of her man!
With denial comes other struggles, the longer I deny Kb7 the more attentive he becomes, the more he listens and realizes his position and role in our lifestyle. Its all good until we come to SEX...I am finding too much denial leads to Kb7 being so sensitive to my touch that he is like a firecracker just ready to explode. Like an adverse reaction, I deny, I have Kb7 under my complete control..spanking, licking, sucking, anal penetration (he just loves my strap on), I let kb7 know well in advance with strict orders that he is not permitted to cum, he must wait yet another night, possibly a week and it all depends on how well behaved he is. NOT, he has cum that last several times.
My question is, how do I punish him, denial doesn't seem to be working that well. Here is the good part, when I question Kb7, he tells me that I should have stopped, I shouldn't have kept sucking and licking, so the blame is on me. I don't get upset, I have to find some humor in the situation, its' all good. But what the heck!?
I will let anyone know what forum I have joined if you would like to have input and are sharing the same struggles.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The New Life

Lo7 is pleased that I have seen the light! She has also become more comfortable in her role as "Queen,president and CEO" ,She is away for a few days so I thought a post to thank the commenter's and fellow blogger's for taking an interest in our journey and helping us along. Especially helping me realize the person I was with out even knowing it.In My head now , I see Lo7 with confidence making decisions taking control and delegating the tasks she does not need to do. I also see with the stubbornness and argument part of our lives gone is Harmony and less stress for Lo7. A recent post In the Blog "Fem Dom 101 , kathy made a very good point , The male ego has a way of sneaking up, I know this will happen to us and I know it will be a step backwards in our relationship. I think That if Lo7 can control the ego and I can make every effort to let that ego become a thing of the past life for us and our family will be bliss.
Thank you all again for your kind encouraging words, They helped us so much. I really want to make a habit of leaving a comment on all the blogs I read.